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Welcome to the strategy section. If you have never been here before, then please read the preface.

The Very Basics
Introduction | Exploration | The 3 Resources | Structures | Units | Food | Starting Resources | Getting Started

The Basics
Human Hotkeys | Orc Hotkeys | Unit Commands | Popping priority |

Game Mechanics
Score and Rank | The Combat Equation | Bloodlust Mechanics | More Combat Equations | Sappers and Demo Squads | 'Magic' Trees |

Orc Magic Overview | Human Magic Overview | Blizzard vs Decay | Mage Bombs | Multicasting | Kith's Human Guide

Water Tactics
Jugg Battles | 4-Jugging | Transport Sliding | Killing Transports |

Hopping basics | Water hopping | Land hopping | Chop hopping | Grunt hopping

Tower Priorities | The Tower Bug | Towering in using Priority |

High Resources Peon Stop Rush | 1 Hall Power to Keep/Hold | 1 Hall Power to Lust | 3 yard jugg rush |

Starting Spots
1 Way In - Top | Mine the Center - Bottom Left | Plains of Snow - Top Right | Plains of Snow - Mid Left Upper (10) | No Way Out of this Maze - Middle | Garden of War - 6 (Bottom Middle) |

User Submitted Questions
GoW 8,6 vs 11, 2 | 2-hall rushing on gow bne | Orc vs Human: grunt-rushing speed | GowBNE Ironman Ladder (fixed order) |

User Submitted Strats
If you do a decent job with any strat pages/guides and want them posted here, email me and I'll take a look at them. These are all user submitted strats and I don't take any responsibility for any bad advise found within. Read them and try them and if you like them, then good. I do read them over, so they have to have some merit to make it on here.
Lusted's Guide to War2 |

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