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12 Peon Stop Rush for High Resources
This is your typical peon stop order when you want to do a very heavy rush. You usually use peon stop rushes when your ally is 2-Halling, and you want to hold 2 rushers off of him, or if the mines aren't that big and you plan to simply over run the enemy with shear numbers. This order (as well as all peon stop orders) does not give you many options, and you are pretty much limited to grunts and more grunts. Below the build order I'll discuss some of the options you have with this strat.

The Order
A very heavy rush
Peon 1 - Hall, farm, barracks
Peon 2 - Farm (continues building farms up to 25 or 29 food)
Peon 3 - Smith
Peon 4 - Gold
Peon 5 - Gold
Peon 6 - Gold
At this time your barracks will finish. Immediately train grunts, while that peon starts barracks 2.
Peon 7 - Gold
Peon 8 - Gold
Smith finishes as peon 9 builds. Start upgrading your shield. This peon goes on gold. You should also start scouting the map so you can see where, and what the enemy is up to.
Peon 9 - Gold
Peon 10 - Gold
Peon 11 - Gold
Peon 12 - Gold
Barracks 2 peon - Gold
The farm peon will go on wood if you need to build more farms. Usually when using this strat, you will be losing grunts and 29 will be lots of food for awhile. You do only have 12 peons.

At this point you continue building grunts out of both barracks, and you should have both the shield and weapon upgrade complete. Start the second shield upgrade as soon as you have the resources. After the 2nd shield upgrade you will be down to 200 lumber, so that's why you stuck or pulled 1 peon onto wood earlier.

Things to Look Out For
You should not even be attempting this strat if both enemies can 2 Hall. You will usually use this on maps like Mine the Center, when your ally duals, or old Garden of War when you're trying to protect your dualing ally from a 30k mine. You want both enemies to rush. If you use your grunts well you should be able to stop the 2 rushers. Your goal is to delay both of them long enough that your ally can be too huge to contain.

If one of the enemies is powering, you can't do much about it. Grunts alone will never get in a well-designed wallin of good player. If this is this case, just focus on the other guy and let your ally worry about the powerer. You can easily outrush 1 guy, and should beat on his grunts/buildings until he gets some defense.

If you run into 2 powerers, then you will quickly have to change your strategy in an attempt to slow them. Stop building grunts, and get a few more peons onto wood. See if you can get a cannon tower up on one of the enemies. Getting a mill, and then a cat will be far too slow.

If you get outrushed, you should be setup so you can repair the wallin. Try to get a cannon tower up quick also. The longer the enemy has to worry about you the better. If you think that you are going to get outrushed, then put up a cannon tower even earlier. You are no good to your ally if you are dead.

If you are looking for something a little more flexible, build 2 or 3 more peons and place them on lumber. This will give you enough wood to continue building farms, as well as getting the level 5 upgrade. It also makes it easier to change strats on the fly if you have to. Just make sure you give grunts priority over peons early on, if both enemies are rushing.

The order I listed way at the top does not involve any repairing simply because it saves you resources and gets your gold flow going quicker. In many games you will need to repair either the barracks or the smith. You will find that you cannot afford to go grunts + levels + peons non stop at the start when you repair. That's not all that bad though. Just build and upgrade as you get the resources. You might want to delay building your 2nd barracks for a peon or 2 after the first barracks is done, just to give you more resources to work with early on.

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