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Plains of Snow - 10 Oclock
I feel that this is the worst spot on the map. Even worse than it's right side equivalent that is forced to build the hall an extra space away. On high resources, you have alot more options and can usually survive with some creative building. For low and medium resources, this spot is absolutely terrible. I would go so far, as to suggest that you move from this spot in a low resource game.

Hall Placement
hall placement 1 hall placement 2

No matter where you place your Town Hall in this position, your peons will appear from the Hall after returning gold, in the same poping order that applies to newly built units. And no matter where you build your Hall, the peons will appear from the right side of the gold mine, and continue around counter-clockwise if that position is blocked. This means that building your Hall low will cause you to walk much further to mine gold. Just avoid this altogether. This leaves you with 3 decent options. Two, three, or four squares off of the top of trees. Picture 1, shows you the Hall 4 spaces off of the top trees, and picture 2 is 3 squares. I've showed you how far the peons have to walk from popping positions 1 and 2 from the hall. The Hall that is 3 spaces off of the trees, keeps a faster gold flow because the first 2 positions both only require 3 steps to the gold mine. A Hall that is only 2 spaces off of these trees, will have the first 3 peon-appearing spots that are only 3 steps from the gold mine. The drawback is your mine will become more crowded when you get a larger amount of peons mining. Try to avoid 2 squares off these trees if you can. Three and four (as in the pictures) seem to work the best. Notice that in the second picture, one of my peons was forced to the back of the gold mine, because 2 peons carrying gold, blocked the only 2 available spots on the right side of the mine.


Rush Setup A quick switch to a power

On the left is a good setup for a rush. This is superior to other wallins because you can repair your barracks, as well as get peons outside if you need to tower someone. Another advantage is that you can switch from a rush, to a power at any time. The second picture shows how I sent all my grunts out to attack, and quickly walled in a catapult. You can throw off enemies with this and make them sit back building up a huge amount of grunts while you are goind keep. This setup also keeps you with an adequate amount of building room. Notice that you cannot defend your wallin with just 1 cannon tower, so I would not recommend this if you are expecting to be outrushed without planning ahead for a catapult.

Heavy Rushing
Team rushing Sometimes when you need to protect your ally, you will be required to rush heavy, and not get run over yourself. The wallin that you have seen above for rushing is too large to protect with a cannon tower. Here is a good setup for a 2-barracks rush, that can be defended with 1 cannon tower. Grunts alone will ever get through this setup, and you can still get out to help your ally defend against towers and grunts. You can still get your peon line offensive towered from above, so try to watch for that. If that happens, keep your grunts setup, and start building a catapult as soon as possible. A lumber mill will fit to the left of your gold mine, as well as several farms in the little path found left of there. I recommend a peon stop if you are planning on holding 2 rushers with no town defense such as the cannon tower. The blacksmith seen at the top of the screen does touch the trees (Town Hall is 3 down from the trees). This is especially helpful for that tiny amount of extra gold that will come in because of this.

One hall power One of the better options from this spot. When you 1 hall power you get to build your mill immediately, so your peons always have very little distance to walk to get back to return the lumber. Again the Hall is only 3 squares off the top treeline, so your gold flow is setup for fast income, while allowing enough room for mining peons to not get stuck later on in the game. The barracks makes up the bottom part of this wallin so you have ogres available right where you will chop out. Also notice that it only takes 1 chop to get outside. As with any 1 hall power on open type maps, you want to chop out as soon as you have a couple ogres, just in case the enemy got a couple of really fast cats on you. Make sure you are moving your catapult around the entire time to check if they are trying to offensive tower you. A second barracks can go right of the bottom-most farm. If you are hurting for space from going keep so early (because you haven't chopped much wood) you can fit your mound to the right of your mill.

Low Resources
Far Resources This spot becomes terrible on low resources. There is very little lumber, and the more you chop, the further it becomes to get lumber. Building your Hall below the mine, and closer to the trees, causes a very slow gold flow. If you are going to stay at this spot, I suggest you do a 3 farm mill. You need a fast mill in order to get some closer lumber once again. You also need to use all of these buildings to wallin, forcing you to build your hall as the bottom of the wallin by the lumber down there. Rushing is also lethal on plains of snow low, so if you are serious about staying here, try going 3 farms, lumber mill, farm, blacksmith, and build a cannon tower for defense. A guard tower just won't cut it

Another option is to move completely. It is not a far walk to the spot below you, which is a much better position than your original. You will be a little behind from moving, but at least you can rush without the fear of having no lumber. You can also 3 or 4 farm mill and get a wallin and defense setup pretty quick. I think moving to the spot below you gives you a better chance to win. Notice how my peon chopping at the top, forced my peon to pop out an extra space from the Town Hall. That is 5 spaces to walk instead of 3!

If an enemy happens to be there, you are really in some trouble. What you should try, is to build your Town Hall to the right of his (hopefully out of range). Don't build a farm. As soon as the hall is done, go attack his peon. If he didn't see you and built the farm, you will win the game. Win or lose the peon war, you have more resources left over from not building that farm. A Town Hall does give you 1 food, so you have enough resources for 2 more peons, while he only has enough for one. A cheap win, but it is a win.

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