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I would like to know what you think about Iron man on gow. Since they know where you are, a peon rush is always a threat. Do you like the idea of moving some where else like 12 (top middle)? Thats the only spot I've heard of, to move to. I also thought of possibly s3 (mid right), but you would be behind if they didn't peon rush. Let me know what you think of moving on gow and in all other iron land maps as well.
-Submitted by sLuGGo~
Note: This question refers to Ironman being on fixed-order, so that you always get both bottom right spots in a game

In my games that I played on Ironman GowBNE (fixed order), I won with:
1)A 3 farm, barracks, peon stop rush.
2)A 3 farm mill, with an early second Hall.
3)Defended someones peon rush.
4)A 2 farm, barracks, peon stop rush.
Those are all my Ironman games I ever got play on that map. As you can see, I actually used a variety of strategies to win. Number 1 was played without the knowledge of fixed order. You can see later that I switched to a 2 farm rush for close maps like that one. Unfortunately I never go to try moving right away as a strategy, but it would work very well. Here's what to look for depending on what you are going to try.

Peon rushing
A risky strat for both players. In ALL my experience with War2, I have successfully executed peon rushes, and defended other peoples peon rushes. I have also unsuccesfully attempted them, and have been killed by them. If you want to try a peon rush, than all you have to do, is place every one of your first 5 peons on gold. Once you have 400 gold in the bank, you send. You want to catch the enemy with 4 peons, and a farm building. Even if you lose, you still have enough gold to start over, by building a new peon. To defend against peon rushes on this map, make sure you build your first farm a little ways towards your enemy, so you can see the enemy coming before he gets on top of your peons. Also make sure that any peons you have chopping, are chopping on the opposite side of your Hall, relative to the enemies position. Doing both of these things, will allow you to see your enemy, and give you enough time to group all of your peons together. If the enemy does catch you with your 2nd farm building (and has 5 peons himself) than cancel the farm. Whoever wins the 5 on 5 peon war wins the game.

Moving to another spot can work very well. Everyone will be using their fastest cookbook grunt or peon, rushing order. When they find out that you moved from your starting position than they are in real trouble. I suggest that you move to 12 (top middle) or 11 (top left). Other spots take longer to be walled in, and that's not good. 3 (mid-right) is terrible because of the little gold mine, little lumber, and a huge area to defend. At either position (11 or 12) you can safely use a 3 or 4 farm mill. By the time the enemy gets any sort of offense on you, you should already have a catapult building, or have enough resources to repair a cannon tower up. If they don't kill you right then, then you will be ages ahead.
Note: do not attempt to move to a new position and then rush. It will not work.

Grunt Rushes
You have to go with cookbook orders because these positions are so close. I tend to lean towards a 2 farm peon stop. Someone who uses a '1-farm, barracks, kill their own peons for food room' rush, will get grunts a bit quicker, but doesn't seem to be strong enough to defeat a 2 farm peon stop, IF you wait for him at home. You can also combine the 2 orders together, and use a 2 farm, barracks, kill peons order. In any event, you don't want to build more than 7 peons for a 2 farm, peon stop, and you shouldn't need any more than 3 farms (unless the game goes much longer somehow). Anything slower than a 2 farm rush, will get run over by anyone who knows what they are doing (this is also the why moving to a new spot works).

Other Maps
Here's a list of the ladder land maps, and whether or not I think moving is feasible.

Bridge to Bridge Combat - Top left could move to mid left and mill. Top middle could move to top right (the starting spot), and mill there, because it's much easier to wallin. Any other spots are a long walk away, and are still hard to wallin effectively.

Forest Trails - Both positions are easily walled, and moving to a new spot won't keep you hidden for that long. If you move to a position that is far away, you will be too far behind. Just stay where you are.

Frog Legs - Takes too long to get to a new mine. You can wall in easily anyway so there is no immediate threat.

Garden of War - As I stated above...go for it.

Mine the Center - You start in opposite corners, and you have no close mine that is as good. There is no need to here.

Noway Out of This Maze - Same thing as MTC. You are in the opposite corner from the enemy, and there is no good spot to move to.

Plains of Snow - Hmmm...very questionable. If you move to a new spot then you are forced to mill. If you want to try it, move to either bottom left or top left. No other positions will cut it. Power to ogres, and stop building peons. I think the game could go either way with this.

Skull Isle - Definately move from top right (I did this every ladder game I drew on this map ). I usually move from top right to top mid (more wood, easier to defend), or mid left. Top left can move to mid left if you want to throw the enemy off a little, but it isn't necessary.

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