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Patches and Upgrades (PC)

Note: All patches for War2BNE will be downloaded off of when you log on. These patches are for the older versions of War2 only.

1.4 Patch - (1.2 Mb)
Author: Blizzard Entertainment
The official patch from Blizzard. This upgrades any versions from War2 v1.0-1.22, to 1.4.

1.5 Patch - (700 kb)
Author: Blizzard Entertainment
The official patch from Blizzard. This upgrades any versions from War2 v1.3x, to 1.5.

Patches and Upgrades (Macintosh)

1.4 Patch for Macintosh - (745 kb)
Author: Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard's 1.4 patch for War2 on the Macintosh.

1.5 Patch for Macintosh - (485 kb)
Author: Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard's 1.5 patch for War2 on the Macintosh.

Map Editor Patch for Macintosh - (1.73 Mb)
Author: Blizzard Entertainment
Allows the use of the expansion heroes, as well as the Orc Swamp tileset. To be used with the Warcraft 2 Expansion only.

Recording Utilities

War2BNE Insight - 1.04 - (539 kb)
Author: ngk~laalaa
Another very cool replay program that lets use record multiplay games on The big advantage of this program over Djinn's WarVideo, is that the file sizes are comparable to the replay features of Warcraft 3 and Starcraft. However, it is a little more complicated to setup and so I have dedicated an entire page to it right here. There is also alot more information on the Official Page. If you have any replays that you would like to send it, please feel free.

WarVideo - (32 kb)
Author: DjinnKahn
This program lets you record your War2 games. All you have to do be running War2, alt tab out, and select "start recording" on the program. After you are done playing, click the "stop recording" button, and then save it as whatever name you want. It saves it as a dk2 file which you can only run by using this program. Each minute of gameplay is about 1 Megabyte in size. This is a very cool program, and another great piece of work brought to us by DjinnKahn.
Update: This is the new version of warvideo that keeps track of players stats DURING the game. Download the zip file and make sure that the 3 .bmp files are in the same directory as warvideo.exe .

Battle.Net Utilities

War Latency - (20 kb)
Author: DjinnKahn
This program fixes the very poor latency setting on Battle.Net. Run this program, and you can finally play with a much better pkt setting, much like playing on Kali or the Zone.

Unit Checker - (136 kb)
Author: Gothic Horror
Unit checker is a quick way of checking what values have been modified on any map. Just load whatever pud you want to check into the program, and will tell all the values that have been modified. The program also includes a thorough help file for any additional questions you may have. A great program for finding 'fixed' maps.

Saveview - (40 kb)
Author: DjinnKahn
Another amazing program that lets you take a saved game from (a .mlt file), select a specific player from the game, and save it to a single player game from that players viewpoint. The program can be used to see other players resource levels, and building placements. This will detect players who use the upgrade hack to get more than 2 sword or shield upgrades.

War2 Extra Speed! - (20 kb)
Author: DjinnKahn
Alright you fastest players, it's time to learn why fastest actually does take less skill than slower speeds. This cool program let's change the speed of the game, up to 17x faster than the fastest speed setting. You do this by running War2, and then alt tabbing out, and running this program. You have to have the game speed set on either even slower, or slowest, depending on which option you pick. Then the game will play at the default of 13 times as fast, or the number you type in yourself. This program must be running by everyone in the game, in order for it to work. And your game MUST be hosted on even slower or slowest, depending on which option you are going to try. If you want to test it out, you can use this in single player too. Good luck beating 1 computer now you skill-less freaks :). Muhahahaha.

BattleNet QuickOptimizer v1.06 - (238 kb)
Author: DrMAD / bloodlust
Pings all the Battle.Net servers and connects you to the fastest one available for you. Includes the ability to choose which server you want to connect to, as well as adding your own to the list of available servers.

Exodus Registry File - (105 bytes)
Author: Unknown
Changes a key in your registry that automatically connects you to the exodus server when launching Warcraft 2. The exodus server seems to be the fastest server, with the least amount of server splits. If you have been having latency problems, problem joining games, or problems seeing people then give this file a try.

Server Selector for Mac users - (54 kb)
Author: Blizzard Entertainment
Let's Mac users select which server they want to connect to when going onto . A .sit file can be opened by using a program call Stuffit Expander.

Battle Net Reset Registry File - (163 bytes)
Author: Blizzard Entertainment
Resets the Battle Net Server list found in your windows registry, back to default. If have used other .reg files and are experiencing problems now, try this file out to return your server list to normal.

A.I. Editor

UDTA Editor - (296 kb)
Author: Scott Sipe
This program let's you change the way the game works. You can edit who gathers resources, what units attack with, as well as how the computer AI builds up. I haven't played around with it too much so I can't help you that much. Just give it a try. It's not too difficult.

Warcraft Music

Inspirational War2 song - (974 kb)
You have to download it to find out what it is. It's not what you think.

The famous 'I'm a medival man' song - (2.01 mb)
Author: Blizzard Entertainment
Almost everyone has heard this song, but if you haven't, you should definately get it right now. This is the song that is played when you use the cheat 'disco'.

Warcraft 2 Midis - (135 kb)
Author: Original songs done by Blizzard Entertainment.
The human, orc, victory, and loss screen midis. Absolutely great for nostalgic purposes, or if you want some cool music to stick on your webpage.

'Warcrap' - (408 kb)
Author: -=qUeNCy95=-
A rap song that was made up by a War2 player by the name of Quency. The zip file contains a .txt file of the lyrics as well. Check it out.


Tileset Conversions - (393 kb)
Author: Cameron Vine
These tilesets will replace the forest, winter, and wasteland tilesets with jungle, glacier, and desert tilesets respectively.

Hell Tileset - (95 kb)
Author: Warlock and Cameron Vine
Replaces one of the tilesets with the Hell tileset.

Map Editors

Puddle - (99 kb)
Author: Hard Boiled Egg Multimedia Solutions
A neat little map utility that lets you flip, or rotate a pud. You can then save this new mirrored image as a .pud file. It's great for making the old classic maps new again.

WarMaker - (127 kb)
Author: Miro Hodyl
A random map generator for War2 that lets you change the % of land, trees, and water. Try this one out, you won't be disapointed.

Map Archives

I have made a new section dedicated to maps. Check out my maps section!.

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