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Multicasting is the act of casting the same spell with multiple units all at the same instance. I believe that this is actually a bug in the game, because Blizzard Entertainment would of simply added the spell buttons when you group a bunch of the same units together. However, when we group units in this game, we lose all of the spell buttons in the bottom left corner area of the playing screen. We abuse the grouping system in the game in order to multicast.

Grouping Units
You can group units in Warcraft 2 using the ctrl key. Once you have the group you want all selected, you simply hold down ctrl, and press any of the numbers from 0-9 (see page 16 in the War2bne instruction book). The idea behind multicasting is to group a bunch of casters together, select one of them so you can choose the spell, and then reselect them so they will all will cast at the same time.

It is very easy to do...
- Highlight a group of units and press CTRL + 1 to save that group into the number 1 position.
- Select an individual unit and press the spell that you want to cast.
- Hold down the ALT key and press 1 to reselect the group. Now when you cast the spell all of them will cast it if they have the available mana.

Group the units together
Group a bunch of units together and press CTRL-1 to save them.
Select one unit and the spell
Select 1 of the units, and choose the spell that you want to cast.

Press alt-1 to reselect all of them
Now press ALT-1 to reselect the units. You can see that the spell icon is still there, ready to cast.
They all cast at the same time
Casting the spell causes all of the grouped units to cast at the same time.

There are only a few circumstances where multicasting is useful. Sometimes in games you will have a couple of mages or deathknights grouped, that you want to Blizzard or Decay certain larger buildings (Barracks, Halls, etc). You can use multicast and then target the building from a distance so they will walk towards it and then unleash their attacks at the same time.

Multicast is also useful on those big game custom type maps where units are built and lost quickly. Get a group of 9 death knights together and tell them to multicast whirlwind on the enemies barracks or farms. You can get 18 whirlwinds in about a seconds time, which will wreak havoc on any enemy.

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