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Axolotl's quick preface
This is Kiths humans guide. Alot of you have probably already read it. There are a few things to remember while reading this. This guide is several years old. It is still pretty good, but setups like 3 on 1s are obsolete. This was also written for MAZE, on high resources. Thats why it says to dual. Of course you won't try dualing 12 and 2 on gow. It was written for maze, so keep that in mind.

Kith-Kanin's Human guide to beating Orcs

In this "revision" most of the shit is still the same, I added a bit near the end under POST SCRIPT, and I added a 3-5 in the strats and dirty strats. There's a few changes in some other things but nothing earth shattering. The POST SCRIPT is worth reading though. Plus there's a little bit on low, but as you'll see its nothing to have an orgy over.


How to Beat an Orc....*NOTE: Blizzard damages units WAYYY more than D&D does.(and if you don't believe me go test it, cuz I know its true damn you) This strat "book" is also very very very very old, you're gonna find that a good rush with sappers or cats can take down an opponent, but those aren't really HUMAN tactics, those are war2 tactics. Playing humans means, mages, exorcism (HEAVEN FORBID!), and plenty of flyers, that is the human way my son. :D

Well first off, Humans suck. That is, if you try to just hammer at an opponent with force who is orc, you'll lose (knights get so mowed by lust). Humans require subtelty and skill which is usually why the BEST human players are some of the BEST war2 players out there. In fact, the humans can be the better of the race if used by a great player. They have the ability to beat an orc player over and over and over. But in order to do this, you better get damn good with defense and mages, and be the almighty multi tasker of war2. First off lets look at the kinds of maps Humans absolutely RULE on.

1 - Trail types-ie:Garden of War is sort of trail-ish, No way out of this Maze etc. (lets you blizzard in close quarters)
2 - Water-ie: High Seas, etc.(invis transports full of wizards, and the delay of letting men of trannies lets blizzard rape in coming orc trannies)

These are essentially the two maps that humans can kick a LOT of ass on. The third type, large open kind of maps, humans have a lot of difficulty winning on (not that they still can't win on them). After I am done this strategy guide you'll sort of get an understanding as to why humans suck on those kind of maps.

Well, basically there are about 3-5 different kinds of strategies that are used in Warcraft II. The first is the large grunt rush. The second is the ogre/sapper rush, players essentially get a lot of ogres and a couple sappers to take out a player in one fell blow. The third (orc specific) is the lust rush. Players go to fortress as fast as possible in order to get lust, after they hit ya with grunts of course. There are a few more, such as the aerial attack (building a shitload of drags or grifs, this suck too except in a few lucky instances). Of course the final one, which is pretty much what all "good" players use is the power. Defend against grunts, and power up to Stronghold and then Castle. This is the human strat basically.

Ok here we go. So you know your building orders. You know when to expand and how to protect them. Basically you've been playing Warcraft II for awhile and you like humans but can't seem to win. Here is how. First off, when playing humans don't over grunt. You need at the most 3 grunts to protect your 3 on 1 entrance and perhaps a tower (if you like 3v1's that is) One thing you should understand is that orcs can ugrade faster and cheaper than you can. So how do you beat that?!? Well I usually stay longer at Hall. You build more peasants early so that when it comes down to late in the game you can beat him on resources. 3 on 1 entrances are good in single player games, but I don't recommend them in team games because if you get double rushed you are so fucked.

After you have a well balanced out beginning, an expansion, maybe even two (if your fealing adventurous), its time to go to your keep. Now keep is where you can make or break it. As soon as I get keep I usually have just the right amount of resources to build 1-3 inventors and a stables. Usually when my stables is done I can go to castle as well. BUT I also have like 4-6 barracks being built and knights being pumped out (because you established a good resource income in the early parts of the game). What you have to do is get about 10-20 flyers (depending on the map) out and start scouting. You should have a flyer over each un-expanded to mine and you should have 1 or 2 flyers over EVERY possible entrance to your base. Preferable far aways away to give you ample warning. Now is when it starts to get good.

You have to decide if the orc player you are playing is going for lust or if he is going to get a lot of ogres and go slow to castle. If he is going for lust, send your army at him. I do mean your ARMY. Do a suicide, run right by his ogres and try to take out as much peasant lines and choppers as you can. If he is well defended then use a sapper or two (remember you have 3 alchemists) to blow in and then go for the peasants. If you can hit the peasants while he is going to fortress he is going to be screwed for awhile. If he isn't going to fort then build a lot of knights yourself and try for a another expansion or two, but always keep an eye on him. If there is absolutely no way to get his peons then you run in and kill as many ogres with sappers and knights as possible, because if you attack before he has lust you are on even grounds and will slow his "lust rush" down enough to possibly let you get wizards in time to defend.

As soon as you have a good base of resources men (or at least men being built) then go to castle. Here is where everyone usually dies, because at castle orcs have lust and what do you have?!? Some fucking dumb ass heal spell that is impossible to cast in combat and sucks shit as well. Soooo....what you gotta do is as soon as your castle is done build 3 or MORE mage towers. Why three? Well the first one builds a mage, the second researches blizzard, and the third researches invisible or slow (I prefer slow, and then invis). So then by the time the spells are done you have 2-5 mages and you have at least ONE mage with almost full mana which lets you go do an invisible/blizzard run on the orc peasant lines. Also you need to get your Church up as fast as possible and at least ONE griffin aviary. So what you do at this stage is you have all the routes scouted out, and you have all the mines scouted. You then have to protect your routes by putting 1-3 mages at them so when you see those ogres coming you blizzard their ass. You also need a few paladins in case you see Dk's coming so you can exorcise them. If they have un-holy armor? Well no problem because by this time you'll have POLYMORPH, and you just Bahhhhh them.

So now you ask? Ok, I have all this scouting, the orcs can't get to me, but I still can't attack with my paladins...so how do I win? Well you should be sending 1 or 2 mages/every 3 minutes to do blizzard runs on peasant lines or grouped ogres. You have to remember that ogres can't heal after you blizzard them so....if you get them while their standing, then the orc player has a lot of half dead orcs. Which can be finished pretty easily by Paladins, even if they ARE lusted up.

Now as for that grif aviary the only purpose to that is to build maybe 2-4 of them and sit them by your entrances for defensive purposes. So if you happen to hear lust and your wizards are too far away to blizzard you can use your grifs to attack. Because when ogres get attacked by grifs they scatter all over the place, and it makes it annoying for orc players to regroup and messes up their lusting so you might be able to pick a few strays off with yer paladins.

When it finally comes down to paladin and ogres hopefully you'll have weakened him enough that you'll have so much more sappers/paladins/mages/grifs to just smoke him. Basically the way you should be doing your attacking is like so...

At SOME point an orc player and a war2 player PERIOD has to group his units, its usually by his barracks. Now you stay just outside his base with about 9 paladins and a couple of wizards, preferably invised. Then you shower them with Ice shards ;) and try and hurt them as much as possible and then attack with your paladins. The only problem you will face is that a good orc player will have his routes of attacks scouted too so you need to watch and make sure he doesn't start to lust before your wizards arrive. Because you NEEEED your wizards to do the mage bomb or you're toast. The mage bomb should get them down to around 1/4-1/2 their life which can be finished off easily with 9 paladins even if they are lusted (remember you can heal after so...) Make sure when you go to attack that you have at least an even number of or more of paladins and about two wizards for blizzard (one for the initial mage bomb, and one to cover the retreat-face it, these attacks don't ALWAYS work-and maybe a third to cast a few slows on some of the ogres that have hps higher than 1/2).

One last skill, that I know very few people do and I so far have only heard of me doing it, and a few others, is attacking the guys with the least hit points. I mean its all fine and good to patrol into a group and let them duke it out, but click around and see which enemies have only a few hps but aren't getting hit, because killing them means one less attacker.

Ok that was just a BASIC outline, now I'm gonna write the usefullness of human units vs. orc players

Footman - Well unless you want to try a massive rush these are useless. You only need a few to defend early in the game (unless he is rushing you, you MIGHT need more). Other than that don't over build footmen.

Archers - Hmmm....you can use em to beat off grunt attacks, but other than that they arent too useful....maybe killing in walled in towers early if you got no cat or wizys kidna deal. Plus their AWESOME against people who like to use excess sappers.

Knights - Basically you need about 1/2 to 3/4 the amount of knights to ogres ratio, because most of your offense is gonna be mages anyways. Knights are just there to mop up the leftovers.

Sappers - These babies have won games for me. If a guy is powering and he is well protected you can sapper your way into his base. Also if you see a shitload of lusted ogres coming your way and you have no mages around for a blizzard, only sappers and Paladins, then go sapper a few lusted ogres and let the Paladins take out the rest hopefully :). (Paladins can always heal after, so fight till the bitter end)

Paladins - These boys are the backbone of your army (mages are the brains) Use these to kill Dk's (exorcism), and basically for all your major land assaults. Plus if you happen to have a few hurt guys you can always heal them cause Paladins are in excess usually.

Mages - Without mages you can't win an extended game. If both players get to castle and you don't have mages? Surrender, cause you won't win (not against a good player). So why is that? Well mages can do invisible/blizzard runs and no orc player can stop it. There is no way to defend against it. Even if he has shitloads of towers, and men patrolling everywhere there is no way to stop it. Just keep blizzarding the towers until you get close (remember you're SUPPOSE to have mages coming out the wazoo). They can stop unholy armored hasted Dk's runs on you with POLYMORPH. Plus if you want to kill DK's you can always invisible a Paladin and send him in to exorcise the Dk. Basically the spells you should ALWAYS get are Blizzard/Slow/Invisble/Polymorph in THAT order.

Griffins - These are used as offensive stoppers. If an orc player is sending lots of ogres (and ONLY ogres) then you can send in your mighty lone griffin and watch his ogres scatter. It then takes him a few seconds to re-group and by then you should have your wizards within blizzarding range. Plus it forces them to build dk's which you can just DONG! so its all good. Also, grifs are better than dragons, why you ask? 1: Drags can be polyed, so lusting them does what? Jack shit? 2: Grif's can be healed so if you send a few paladins along with yer grif, and it gets coiled heal it before the other coil comes (or else fucking dong the dk before it even gets to coil)

Ballistas - Stop offensive towers, also good for keeping mages at a distance *NOTE*-Blizzard and D&D still outrange cats and ballistas, so you are best just putting footmen or grunts on patrol to hit any wayward enemy wizards.

Gnomish flying machines - These are used for scouting. You need a LOT of these guys. So you can see exactly what is coming at you. This is true for both orc and human players. You should always have a LOT of flying machines. Plus you can do some neat tricks with these. :)

Strats and Dirty Strats.

Well you already know that Mages are the key to victory so here a few little tricks that I find work lots.

1 - Invisible Paladins to do exorcism runs on dk's (Hey Paladins are cheaper so...)

2 - Invisible a wizard, but BEFORE you cast blizzard on a peasant line, find a flying machine to HIDE him under. They actually fit UNDER flying machines and you CAN'T see them!

3 - Well people always say humans need so much more gold, and its true that they can use a little more because all our upgrades cost more, HOWEVER, one thing I find that works is the following. Say you got about 7 raxs, out of two of them pump footies (assuming he's at lust already), the rest can pump paladins. Now what you do is keep yer paladins back in yer base (or attacking), and the footies are gonna sit by yer entrances (which should also have the occasional guard tower or two), mix a few paladins in just in case a dker comes. Now what this does is when he attacks with his 9 lusted, use yer footies as fodder. ie: attack with yer footies and blizz the whole group then let the towers finish the oges off. You have to be quick cuz footies die real fast, but you'll be saving yerself a shitload of money compared to if you were using yer "noble" paladins as fodder. So try that and you might save yerself some $$$$ for when you need it later.

4 - Inivised trannies work well for blizzard, but people don't forget the power of exorcism :D You can't imagine how annoying it is to an orc player having an invis tranny drop off and then losing all his dkers on that isle to exorcsim :D

5 - If you wanna get realllllly nasty with a guy, invis a mage and hide it under his OWN flyer (make sure you ally him before doing this), and then blizz his line. What you gotta watch though is that he doesn't attack you while yer allied :D The reason for allying him is so that yer wizard doesn't attack his flyer and give yer hiding spot away :D

6 - Send in 2 (might need 3 since blizzard sucks at killing buildings and d&d rules at it) wizards (invisible of course) and take out his blacksmith. Stops production of the ogres. Kill the blacksmith people because if its a low resources game, it takes oil to rebuild it. Even if its high resources, blacksmiths take longer to build so...

7 - Do the above EXCEPT have a 3rd wizard hang back and when the ogres come to kill your wizards you smoke the whole lot of them with this third wizard. Your losses 3600 gold. His losses 7950 gold, and 1350 lumber (if you kill nine ogres that is).

8 - Invis. two mages. Go up to his ogres and blizzard with the first one. and then blizzard yourself. If he's smart he'll run away and not take the bait. Now here you can either use your SECOND wizard to blizzard his retreat or...wait till your blizz. runs out on your first wizard, and he SHOULD start chasing it with his ogres. Then Blizz them with your other wizard :) (Remember whenever you blizzard a group of ogres only cast it ONCE!!! ie: Hit "b" then click on ogres, then IMMEDIATELY hit "b" again and click right BESIDE your wizard.*******NOTE: Your wizards OWN blizzard DOES NOT HURT HIM!!!*******)

9 - Invisible a peasant and start building towers just out of sight of his base. Upgrade them all at once and watch him churn. Course hopefully you're smart enough by this time to realize that if he has Dk's he'll smoke your towers, but you know what Paladins are usefull for now don't you? Send a wizard in there too (invis of course) and when he comes with lust kill the ogres with bliz. <--this is just gay :D

Ok so you got all these dumb strategies in your head and you figure, "Ok, I'm the man, I can kick ass now." Wrong. I haven't told you what the ORCS can do to stop this shiet.

1 - They always wall in and I can't reach their peasant lines! If an orc player walls in with farms a LONG ways away from his mine and you can't blizzard the mine, then don't waste your wizard on the farms. Build a sapper and send maybe 4 knights as a diversion, along with another re-invisibled wizard, sapper through and attack the peasants with your knights and use your wizard to blizzard the lusted ogres that will be coming to defend. Or if he has a lot of men outside protecting, then send a couple of wizards (cause your sappers won't get through) and blizzard the farms till one or two die, and then use another invis. wizard out of the group and go in. Or just attack with shitloads of Paladins, and hide a few sappers in there, get the sappers to take out the farms while he is busy with your paladins, then get your invis. wizard to walk in and bliz the peasant line. Also maybe bring an invis peon along and build a mage tower within his line of defense (somewhere discreet).

2 - They can use their men as a human shield and you then have nowhere to walk through to get to his mine to blizzard it. What do you do? Attack. Send in 4-9 Paladins and attack them. even if you kill one ogre its all that you need to get through with your wizard and blizzard shit. Or of course send two wizards, get one to blizzard the nice line of men while the second walks through the holes they made when they go chasing after your other wizard.

3 - They build towers or catapults to protect their mines, and my wizards keep dying! Because as soon as you blizzard you appear, and a catapult or cannon tower can kill you in one shot sometimes. So your only gonna get one blizzard off before you die, which really sucks. What you have to do is send in a couple invis wizards and get a few to take out the towers and save one up to go in and get the line. (NOTE: If possible, stand RIGHT in the peasant line before you blizzard. This way if you appear the orc player has to wait until you finish blizzarding, which means all the peasants die, or he will lose a lot of guys trying to kill your wizard, or if you think you can get away blizz from afar, but many times you can fake the guy out by blizzing in his line, with about half yer mana, then when he comes to kill you thinking yer dead, blizz some more :D :D)

4 - They spread their men out, have their mines walled in well, plus they have lust. Well this is what a good orc player will do. So you can't really blizzard all his men at once. But so? What you do is attack if he has his men spread. You send in 9 Paladins, or send your whole army 15-45, BUT you bring along a few invis wizards (So he doesn't see the REAL threat) and a grif if you want. (You gotta make sure you hit a point where he is weak because most good players will be scouted and will see this attack coming, and if they do, might decide to take their chances on the fact that they have lust and can defend eventually, and they might just go and wreck your base, so watch it) So when you start to pick him off and he realizes its time to group up and lust and take you down, you use your invisibled wizards to take out his grouping before he lusts, and if he does manage to start to beat you back, just retreat get the grifs to cover you, heal and return to the mage and sappering-in tactics.

5 - He always seem to take out your expansions with lust? Well the problem is you don't have enough flyers. When I say make sure you have ALL the pathways to your base scouted with flyers, I mean ALL your bases. If you have 4 expansions and there are 3 paths to each one, you should have 12 flyers maybe more just on those PASSAGES! Not to mention the flyers over the un-occupied mines and the enemy base (if possible). PLUS you should ALWAYS keep at least ONE full mana wizard at your expansions. I try to keep two wizards at an expansion, and about 5-9 Paladins. Because hopefully your scouting will be good enough (as it should be if you want to win) that if he DOES send a HUGE army at one of your expansions, you will see it, and you can then get your wizards over there and paladins (for back up only, as wizards should kill most of the ogres in the first place) before it becomes too much of a mess. The other problem though is good players will use sappers and dks. If he is trying to sapper, and you should know because you have Flying Machines, then if possible try to wall in your expansion a few times, or maybe try polymorphing the sapper if possible. If you see a dk coming and he is out of range of polymorph, the only thing you can do is pull your peons off of gold and try and save as many as possible until you have your knights/paladins get rid of the problem.

6 - He always seems to get lust before I get wizards? Well this is a classic human problem. The thing is you should spend more time at your hall getting a good resources base, and then you should be having enough resources that by the time you hit keep, you are building a stables, 2-3 alchemists, 2-6 barracks PLUS also have knights producing AND as soon as your stables finishes you should be able to go to Castle. I mean you REALLY gotta know your shit. I usually have close to 20-30 peasants before I go keep (sometimes, don't quote me though on that), so that I can fly through the keep level and on to my castle. But the whole time I'm upgrading to castle I got knights being pumped out, flyers everywhere and more coming, and barracks out my ass. So you should be able to get wizards before he gets lust, because the first thing after castle is 3 mage towers. All you need is 2-3 mages to defend at the start and then once you get more and more it's easier and easier. If worst comes to worst and you see he is gonna have lust before you get blizzard and mages (the two things needed to AT LEAST defend against lust), then attack. I mean there is NO way that he should have lust AND have more ogres than you (unless you suck?). Cause if he has lust it means he upgraded fast (ie: He skipped the hall build up that I've been telling you to do and went as fast as he could for lust), so you do a suicide with your knights/sappers. Use your sappers to take out the smithy and ogre mound, then just attack as many and kill as many ogres as you can. Cause as soon as he gets lust and you've done this, he'll be short on ogres PLUS he won't have his mound or smithy (Thats mostly wishful thinking, cuz you'll never get either of those. However, attacking is good because the more ogres you kill is that many less that will be hitting yer wall-ins with lust). Then keep that up, try for peasant lines the next time, and keep sappering his smithy, and hopefully he'll be on the defensive long enough to let you get enough wizards to finish him.

7 - I stay at hall for the amount of time you said, but he then goes to keep fast, gets sappers, and sappers through my 3 on 1 defense that I had and beats me. What can I do? Well to be honest this is the hardest thing to defend against. Usually the best thing is to have two guard towers, or *gulp* 3 archers just outside your defense. I mean if you have 20-30 peasants, building a few archers or guard towers isn't gonna take TOO much of a chunk out of your resources. Plus it should be able to kill the sapper. OR if you think you see it coming, like the sapper, then move peasants over to your building wall, and as soon as he sappers it. Rebuild it with your peasants, so he is still stuck outside. This is the strategy that most great players lose to actually. Because we have an awesome defense but then get sappered into. But the thing is, if you did your starting right. It shouldn't be too long after that initial attack that you'll have knights and eventually you'll pass him and beat him. You just have to try and beat off that first attack. My best advice is to use large hit point buildings like the barracks and smithy for your wall, just don't put the two beside each other, cause if two sappers come and hit them, you're screwed. Also try to wall inside the trees with farms, as most players will sap the part where your buildings meet the trees. Also try and make it that you have your base double walled so if he breaks in from outside he still has to go through another wall of buildings in order to reach your peasants. If you lose, then it should still not be from that initial attack. Cause you should NOT be that far behind him. I mean with two halls it doesn't take long to get to 20-30 peasants and your keep should be right after. So...You should still be able to fight for a long time, which in a team game, is sometimes all that matters before your partner upsets the balance and you guys win, or in singles you can sometimes get near the end and the player forgets to scout a mine so you end up beating him in resources and men because of it. But in the end I'd say it comes down to holding off that initial sapper attack. Like I say, if you know that the other guy likes to do that, invest in a couple guard towers, or even stupid archers. You could also build maybe 2-3 MORE footmen and patrol them way outside your city, because most players let their sappers get TOO far ahead of their attacking force, so you take the sappers out before they can get there to stop you. Because with the patrol command, the men patroling will attack the nearest enemy unit they see so...

8 - He does the same start as me and ends up having more ogres than I do and beats me before I get castle. Well, if this happens it means you are hoarding your resources. Like if you get to keep and I said earlier you should be building a stables, 2-6 barracks, 2-3 alchemists, and knights then you shouldn't have any resources left whatsoever, and should have the same amount of knights as he does ogres (I mean I know I said you should have 1/2 the amount of knights, but thats only AFTER you start getting mages not BEFORE). If he still manages to get a few more, then just stay on the defensive (but watch out for the sapper attack) and get to castle fast and use your wizards.

9 - I lose to the grunt rush because he sends in archers or a catapult? Hey its not my problem, I'm just telling you how to beat orcs, this is a basic Warcraft II strat so. I mean if you get good enough this won't worry you all that much. However, since I am a good hearted fellow ;) I will tell you how to defend this. First of all, this sucks. Because a rush like this means you are in some very deep fucking shit, especially if you didn't rush and neither did you partner. What you gotta do, if you two halled, is immediately begin building a cat at the base NOT being attacked. Then at the base being attacked, wall in farther back if possible, and try getting a cat in there too if you have a barracks. But MAKE SURE you get the cat at your other base, because if you can defend this rush and you stay in the game and don't lose too much, you can come back later and upset the balance and you and your ally will win, and having the other base alive and stalling at the base that WILL die, will save you and your ally valuable build up time. However, on that note, I find that when I get cat rushed, I usually have soo many knights/ogres that it just gets beat down anyways :I (unless they did some early towering/raxing)

10 - He keeps beating me with a lot of dragons! Hmmmmmm......you deaf? For the amount of wizards you should have, and considering how SLOW dragons BUILD, you should be able to fucking POLYMORPH all those dragons into nothingness.

11 - He keeps using troll axe throwers to kill my flyers or make them move and then he attacks when I'm not looking! Well all this really is, is a piss-off. I mean all you have to do is send a few paladins over to kill the troll, or even move your flyer up the path further to see why he doesn't want you there. I mean this is mostly common sense. he can only do this so many times. Besides, flyers aren't exactly expensive, and if you have mages (which you should) then he'll have more problems on his hands then trying to kill you flyers.

The best orc player knows that when you gets wizards he is in trouble. Most figure that all human players suck so that they won't have to worry. Hopefully this guide will make them think again. But you have to make sure you get your wizards first, NOT paladins or grifs. Make sure that they are protected well in your base, or if your fealing adventurous hide them somewhere discreet.

Well thats about all I can say. Go out and practice humans. I mean I played them for oh....1 1/2 years straight and about 4-9 games a day before I got good enough to beat all those nasty orc players., and then I decided I had further interests in guitar and now I'm lucky if I play one game a weak. I think out of the people who know me, they can assure you that I know my shit when it comes to humans (of course before that I was an advocate of orcs, until I realized that humans were awesome NOTE: To all those orc lovers, I did not say BETTER, I just said awesome....both races are equal if played by masters). The most important thing with humans is mages, LOTS of flyers, and exorcism. Without any one of these things you will lose to a good orc player. See the one thing, that makes humans better....the one thing that all orc players fear.....the one thing that orc players have NO defense against....is invisible. No matter HOW many flyers they put up, or towers or anything, it's impossible to stop invisible blizzard runs. The only way to stop it is to not let us human players get wizards. Cuz when I get wizards, then the game is almost in the bag., provided my ally didn't die on me with 40k mined, while everyone else has 120k, 115k and I had 160k...(<--Thats for SC~Krib, stupid fag always died on me. :) j/k) You still have to be good with them and have all the right spells. But orc players can't stop it. I'd say probably the easiest thing is to stop lust. The hardest thing is to actually get to the wizard stage and then get an expansion. By this time most games have been decided. But if it happens that you/allies and your enemy/enemies are all evenly matched, and make it that far then by all rights you should win if you're humans.

POST SCRIPT: Ok this is another thing I've thought about lately with humans, many people have been getting this guide and thats good, I hope more people will play humans, but I realize that there's a few fundamental things missing here. For instance, when you wall in your expansion, and wall the choke points, you need to setup yer defenses (your paladins and mages), way farther out than by your wallins. The reason for this is that if he gets through with oges, he can rune your line and fuck up your gold. Another thing, if your having problems attacking, use groups of 6 paladins and 3 mages. It works well, one can cast a poly, a slow, the other two can blizz a bit before oges come in, and then cast more slows. I find this grouping rapes 9 oges like nothin. You usually have like 5 paladins left (although not very healthy ones) and a wizard (they tend to chase the wizards). ALSO, if you wanna have a good base defense (so you can move your army about and not have to worry, then this is what you gotta do (but it costs a lot so its up to you to decide if you want to or not).

1 : Have all entrances scouted, and some choke points walled

2 : Wall ballistas, it sounds gay, but if you have the money and time, wall like 2-3 ballista's in with farms (Ballista's hit for a fucking lot, and though they may shoot at a guy and he runs by, if the enemy sends in 9 oges, you'll usually hit the one running right behind it dead on for like 50 hit points :I) or guard towers at the point where all yer defenses gonna be made (the big area he'll be running in with lust and you'll be blizzing)

3 : Build footies for fodder as mentioned above

4 : have at least 2 wizards at ALL times waiting there

5 : Have at least 2 paladins at ALL times waiting there (to dong dkers).

Basically if you have a defense like this, say about 7 footies, 3 paladins, 2 walled 'listas, 4 guards, and two mages, you'll kill a fucking shitload of oges, and then yer REAL army of paladins and mages, can go to work on his expansions and shit, or protect your expansions. All I can say is folks, DON'T PLAY DEFENSE! Every god damn person on kali figures humans should play defense, and its true you need to play kick ass defense, but at minimal cost. You need to be on the offense AS SOON AS YOU HAVE YOUR MAGES. Hit his lines, his oges, anything. If you start sitting back, then you'll lose (unless you got like 16 mines :D :D :D), but seriously, on GoW, attack with paladins/knights as he is getting lust and go blizz.

I CAN'T STRESS ENOUGH at how fast humans can get wizards and blizz. I mean think about it people. If you repair two mage towers with 5-8 peons ON BOTH. You can have yer wizard done and ready to hit his line WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY before he'll have lust. Then yer next 2 should be popping as he is walking towards you with lust. If its close dudes, repair your mage towers like a fucking mad man (BUT LEAVE 3200 GOLD, for blizz and to train a wizard).

One last note I wanna add. I have been playing a few games lately and I have been finding the main reason for any losses I recieved was my lack of gold. I mean that I couldn't expand. I thought about this a bit, and I know how to stop this from happening but its still a human problem. Humans can mine the mines close to them so easy but when they need another mine farther away it gets hard. You need your paladins at your base and your wizards. But what you gotta do...send 9 paladins, and two wizards fully charged, and 5-10 peons. Wall and expand right away. Then with 1 or 2 peons wall a few choke points that LEAD to the mine, any spot where a DK or ogres might have to run through. If this is impossible and you don't have flyers to guard them, build a watch tower just for the fuck of it. Then hide your paladins in the ideal spots-these being spots where enemy DKS can hit your mine with d&d-then try and pick it off. If ogres run in and cast runes pull your guys off gold, or else have a few wizards outside as well as inside to keep ogres away. Use your knights as a buffer, blizz them if ya have to while they attack ogres, anything to keep your mine running. If all else fails, decoy. Look like your going to expand somewhere....(say he has a flyer up at 5 on GoW, go with a peon and start walling in, and have an invised wizard....when he comes to rape it, let him beat on the buildings for a sec and smoke the ogres with your wizard or two and then just cancel the buildings<---You won't lose too much, and he should lose most of his ogres, plus meanwhile you will have sent 75% of your force to be walled and already up and running and defended at a mine he had NO flyer over...) ....then pull that trick and you're set.

My building order (just a general note, and its not always the same....)....this is for high resources. Low is something you gotta learn yourself. Plus this is mostly for maze too, although I admit anything can happen on that crazy ass map.

1 - Hall DUH!
2 - farm
3 - Go for second hall
4 - Farm
5 - Barracks
6 - Smithy
7 - Farm
8 - Mill
9 - Farm
10 - Farm
11 - Farm
12 - Maybe a second barracks or another farm
13 - Upgarde to Keep (at this point what you need to know is that it takes EXACTLY 3 food units to build a farm. ie: If you are using 1 food, and building peasants from ONE hall, your second peasant MUST build a farm or you will run out. By the time his farm gets done, your fifth peasant is done, but LOOK you have another four more food. SO, your 6th peasant must also build a farm. Get the picture? It takes the time of 3 food units building peasants to finish a farm. Two halls it would be 6 food units etc. etc.<---Its important to know this so you don't run out of food early....just keep a BIG supply of food)

14 - Stables
15 - Barracks
16 - Alchemist
17 - Barracks
18 - Alchemist
19 - Barracks
20 - Alchemist
21 - Barracks (depending on map)
22 - Castle
23 - Mage tower
24 - Mage tower
25 - Mage tower
26 - Church
27 - Griffin aviary

Some people asked for a low order, but the thing is, you can either rush/mill or go towering on low, so its kinda hard for me to give an "order" for low. Basically just go

1 - hall
2 - farm
3 - farm
4 - farm
5 - farm *Some people 3 farm mill, some people 2 farm rax, others 1 farm rax, its so weird on low I can't give a definite order, but this is decent for powering
6 - mill
7 - rax
8 - farm
9 - farm
10 - go expand (another hall)
11 - upgrade to keep
12 - whatever I lose track

I mean its all a matter of what you wanna do. The first 5 peons, should go,

1 - gold
2 - gold
3 - gold (then pull 2 peons off gold and put them on wood BEFORE your 4th peon is done, because then yer wood comes in like a half a peon faster)
4 - gold
5 - gold for one carry, and then wood One of the peons coming out of the hall builds the farm (preferably close by so you don't lose the time you made up by pulling the two off the gold on yer 3rd peon)

*thats about as fast a 1st 5 peon order me and Axolotl have come up with, if anyone knows any faster ones, then you have way more time than me and Axo do on our hands :(

Written by: Kith-Kanin

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