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Single Player Cheat Codes

This page consists of the in-game cheats only. I do not have, nor will I put hacks up no this page. So don't bother asking.

To use cheatcodes, you must be in a single player game if you are using the edition of War2. If you are using any older versions of Warcraft (or 'classic' through edition), then cheat codes can be used in multi-player games if you allow it.

Most of them are useless, but some are helpful for testing strategies, or seeing how a map is layed out.

To activate a cheat code, type it in exactly as I have it below . Re-type the same code to deactivate the cheat. Upgrade cheats like 'deck me out' can not be un-done.

every little thing she does - All the spells and infinite mana

glittering prizes - 10,000 gold, 5000 lumber, 5000 oil

hatchet - Trees chopped in just 2 chops

it is a good day to die - Invincibility

make it so - Everything builds extra fast

on screen - Show the entire map with no fog of war

Those above 6 cheat codes are the only ones you will need for experimenting, but for completeness sake, I'll list the not so useful ones as well.

4-7 - Displays "We're smarter than you" on the screen   -Submitted by Viperblade

day - Displays "FIEF" on the screen

deck me out - Instant smith upgrades

disco - Plays the hidden song on the cd

netprof - Displays a laser show (older versions only)

never a winner - Keeps playing after you win the mission

spycob - 5000 oil

swapmask - Toggle the fog of war

there can be only one - Brings you to the last single player level

tigerlily - Enables level jumping

  • orc# - Brings you to orc level '#' (1-14)

  • human# - Brings you to human level '#' (1-14)

  • xorc# - Brings you to orc expansion level '#' (1-12)

  • xhuman# - Brings you to the human expansion level '#' (1-12)

ucla - Displays "go bruins" on the screen

unite the clans - Causes an instant victory

valdez - 5000 oil

you pitiful worm - Causes an instant loss

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