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Jugg Control in Battles
Many times, the outcome of a water game is decided simply by who can control their ships better. There isn't much to it, but lots of players don't control their ships that well. This page will make you a water battle expert in no time.

Over Shooting
Anyone who has played Warcraft 2 for sometime knows what over shooting is. Catapults, cannon towers, destroyers, and juggernaughts all do this because they deal some serious damage. If these units (and tower) hit you dead on every time, it would be devastating. For example, no matter how you try to dodge a submarines shot, it will always you hit you. The same applies for an archer shooting at you. No matter which way you try to move, the arrow will hit you if it's already in the air. But if the big-damage units acted the same way, Warcraft 2 wouldn't be nearly as fun to play. Overshooting the target makes the game exciting and unpredictable. We will exploit this in order to win our ship wars.

Move Towards the Enemy
Actually we can expand on that a little. Either move towards the enemy or perpendicular to it. You do not want to be sitting still, or moving away from the enemy (unless you are out of range and running away :). Below is a simple example of what happens...

Move Towards the Enemy
My ship (on the right) moves towards the idle enemy ship.
The enemy overshoots me
The enemy ship fires at me as soon as I am in range, but overshoots, and only does 17 damage.

If you can catch an enemy jugg sitting still, you have a huge advantage. In the above pictures, the idle enemy ship overshoots mine as I move towards him. His shot grazes my backside for 17 damage, giving me an easy direct hit. It takes 2 direct hits to kill a jugg, so this battle is all but over since I already have 1 full hit against him. The same idea applies to larger battles also. You never want to be caught standing still or your ships will overshoot the target. If you can move towards the enemy, or perpendicular, you will always sustain less damage. After you cause the enemy to overshoot your ship, attack back immediately before they have time to move. After your shot, move your ship to cause another enemy miss.

Let's take a look at the following example. This is a 2 on 2 jugg war where I catch the enemy standing still.

Move Towards the Enemy
Moving towards the enemy.
The enemy overshoots and I take out 1 of his
After they overshoot, I take out one of them.
1 ship can't sink mine, so I don't lose any
One left is easy to finish off.

As you can see, since the enemy is not moving, their 2 ships overshoot my 2, causing hardly any damage. Immediately after they shoot at me, I take out 1 of the enemy ships with my return fire. Notice how I still moved forward, towards the remaining enemy ship from picture 2 to picture 3. If you time this right you can cause that remaining ship to overfire again. The battle is easily one with one of my ships damaged, and one not even hurt.

keep moving
If you think that 2 good players would always end up right next to each other, you're almost right. The would end up next to each other, but you can still move in 'circles' around the enemy ship. This causes your boat to take a little bit less damage, which could be enough to win the fight. If you can time it just right circling around the enemy boat will cause a significant drop in the amount of damage inflicted to you. Once again, after the enemy shoots, immediately attack before it has time to move.

Another thing to look for is an enemy ship continuing right by you, or trying to move away from you. When you fire at a jugg moving away from yours you will still do full damage. You can even catch alot of good players who don't realize this. Alot of players will continue moving their ships waiting for you to shoot first...but if the enemy ships are moving away from, fire! Your shots will still land, and 2 hits will take out one of their juggs. You can win many sea wars early on in the game by knowing when your shots will hit, and when they won't

Larger Battles
Generally, it takes 2 shots to take out a jugg. I say generally because this is not always the case. If you are unlucky it will take 3 shots to kill one of the enemies ships. When it comes time to fight larger sea battles, your goal is pretty simple. Keep your ships moving, and target 1 of his juggs, with 2 of yours. After your ships fire, get them moving again. You have to be quick with the mouse. Once the enemy ships fire at you, take 2 of yours and target 1 of theirs. Quickly group 2 more of your ships and target another one. Try to remember what ships have been hit, so you can quickly take out any of the damaged enemy ships. If you are severely outnumbered, try to avoid even entering a battle. Once an enemy has 3-4 more juggs than you it is VERY VERY hard to take them out with less numbers, even if you have good unit control. Just wait until you have more, or try an attack using something else.

Ship Upgrades
The problem with the ship upgrades is the fact that they are so darned expensive. If you can get your first armor upgrade, you do stand a better chance of taking 2 direct hits from the enemy. Unfortunately, in a real competitive game with good players, you will not be able to afford these upgrades, or you will fall behind on ship production. If you and the enemy are producing ships, then the armor upgrades will do you more good. If the enemies are not building any ships, and you still are, the weapon upgrade will probably be more useful in razing buildings or for sinking enemy transports.

Double Clicking
After your ships fire, you always want to double click the right mouse button, instead of just pressing it once. Why? In Warcraft 2, when you double click a unit who has just fired, they move from their spot quicker than if you just click once. This doesn't decrease the reload time of the unit, but it gets your units going again much faster. This applies to several units in Warcraft, including juggernaught and catapults. So after you fire, double click!

Attacking Shipyards, Foundries, Rigs
Juggs do a LOT of damage. If you ever get a couple of juggernaughts up on the enemy, you can easily take out their foundry or oil rig, because neither of them have many hit points. In fact, if both of you have 4 juggs each (as an example), you could probably go obliterate their oil rig before they even had time to move their ships out to get you. Foundries also go down very quick, and should be targetted before shipyards to stop the production of juggs and transports.

Be careful though, because if you let your ships sit by the enemy shipyards (even if you have killed the foundry!) there still could be some enemy juggs building. These newly built ships will get to fire at you first because your boats are busy firing at the shipyard, or anything else they can reach on the land. This can be very costly if you only have 2 juggs, and the 2 new enemy juggs takes yours out. If you have more than 2, then it's usually pretty safe, but if you only have 2, you might want to back off for a little while, especially on a map where you will see lots of 4-jugging.

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