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Built-In Maps

Built-in maps are simply the maps (.pud files) that come with the retail version of Warcraft II Battle Net Edition. On this page you will find information, and printable versions of the most popular maps played online. Having knowledge of the map before you play it has obvious advantages. Knowing the layout of a map, helps you find the enemies faster. It also helps you defend key positions, navigate your troops more effectively, and take expansions without having to scout for them. You will find that, with all of the information you can get off this page, it still does not compare to how much you will learn from simply playing the map a few times. So check out the pages below, see what advice I can give and try out some of these maps for yourself.

Map Analysis

The following is a quick analysis of all of the classic and BNE maps. This includes, map conditions, playability, strategy, as well as my own thoughts on the map.

Classic Maps-1
(A Continent to Explore - Gold Mines)

Classic Maps-2
(Gold Seperates East from West - 1 Way In, 1 Way out)

Classic Maps-3
(Opposing City States - X Marks the Spot)

BNE Maps-1
All You Need - Frosty Fjordes

BNE Maps-2
Gold Mines - Rose Petal

BNE Maps-3
Schwartzwald - World Domination

Expansion Maps
The Popular Ones

Printable Maps

Here is where you will find printable versions of the most popular maps playing in Warcraft 2. I've made the following pages very basic in layout and color so they can easily be printed. I've stuck 9 maps to a page, so they should fit onto 1 page with any type of printer. I did not make, nor will make it so you can print out 1 map to fit on 1 piece of paper. This is unnecessary. Just play a map a few times and you will know what it looks like. Plus, who is actually going to care enough to print out a map that size anyways? A small reference map, like the ones found here, is all that I have ever used.

But, if you really want a bigger picture of a specific map. Check out the classic maps in larger version.

Classic Maps
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4

Battle Net Edition Maps
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

Ladder Maps
Page 1 | Page 2

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