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Lusted's preface
This is Lusted's strategy guide. Most of you know me as LuSteD~WuLfe. I am a fastest player. Any way the whole purpose of me writing this strategy guide because I’m bored:) and because I wanted to help out the new players of war2. I mean, what a better way to keep the war2 spirit up than a strategy guide. New players learn, so.... makes them like game more. This is Orcs strat but personally humans are more fun.

Lusted's Guide to War2

Well, first off I need to explain the uses of certain units, because most NEW players use axers to beat down grunts. Or even make Town Hall 7 tiles away. So lets start off with Peons...

Peons - Use for gold, Duh! You should be pumping peons non-stop all game. I tell new players to do this but they never listen....Do they think im lieing when I say IT DOES MATTER?

Grunts - Only use for this is when rushing, Or when you power (Lust up/Knighting) you make like six to stop cats. Other then that, theres no use for them.

Axe Throwers - Unless someone goes air, theres no use for this. Unless someone walls in with a tower and you want to beat off there peons from repairing buildings.

Catapults - Very useful early game, you can “Gay” someone with cats, as in Walling cats over 6 (6 is the spot on gow that at the 6 o' clock spot) Most use for this is to stop duals, powers, or if someone tries to tower you.

Ogres - Strongest unit in game (fighting unit) Use these Mid-Game.

Ogre-Mages - Same as ogres only you get the powerful bloodlust. Backbone of the orc race.

Death Knights - This unit is a MUST in late game. Unless you want the enemy to keep mining all the gold they want i suggest making these, especially if they tower up.

Dragons - Personally dragons suck, Why? DeathnDecay mows them. BUT on the other hand they only suck if used by themselves. When you get good enough expansions going, make like three dragon roost and start pumping these. Its an annoyance when you have to deal with Air AND land at the same time.

Flyers - I hardly make flyers, I don't know why, guess I just forget, but these are the best scoters. Get a couple at the passages to you base (All of them) so u can see them coming. If you playing GOW make at LEAST 4 patroling 9/11, 12/2, 4/5, 6/8. To see if they expand.

Juggernauts - When playing sea maps. Like Artic Circle, Juggs own. Personally i dont make any ships when playing sea, adcept for transports/oil tankers/and subs. (Usually only trannies) and go Knights/Mages(I always go humans on sea, why? I don't know)

Destroyers - Some people go des. rush. It blows :/ When you get 2 cats des. get fucked (if they grunt rush you on sea, which they probably will. Make 3-4 Guard Towers.)

Submarines - Good to stop trannies, or fuck up oil tankers.

Oil Tankers - Gets Oil... =P

Now that you know what units to build and not to build we can tell you what spells are which.


Ogre-Mage Spells

Eye of Kilrogg - Use for a quick scout, Very useful, Only it doesn’t last long and VERY small sight range.

Blood Lust - The spell of all spells, the whole 9 yards, bloodlust, this is the spell that separates humans from the orcs. This spell makes units armor stronger + there attack stronger. Im not sure how much stronger but i think its 3x stronger.

Runes - This is vastly under rated, if you notice people always have there Ogre-Mages Lev. 7 and thats it, no one ever gets the Runes. This owns if you find expansion and forget to bring along a death knight.

Death Knight Spells

Death Coil - I dont know how much damage this does but its probably about 100 Dmg, very good vs annoying dragons. 2 casts of coil and POOF the dragon is gone.

Death and Decay - This is perfect for killing mining peons, or killing a walled tower. Does alot of damage to 2x2 and 4x4 buildings. But blizzard does more dmg to units and 3x3 Buildings.

Haste - Good for hit and runs with Death Knight. Or if you need to hurry up and repair something or chop wood, you can haste the peons.

Unholy Armor - This is way kool when you've lost your barracks or low on money, You can do Haste on Death Knight then Unholy Armor, Run straight up to mass ogres and DnD right next to your Death Knight while there ogres attack the Death Knight helplessly they die FAST, since hes hasted.

WhirlWind - I really dont know any uses for this when you can just DnD, you could use this when you dont have time to cast DnD, e.g. patroling ogre stopping you from DnDing the gold, then you can caste a quick whirlwind or two.

Raise Dead - Hmm pretty useless because there so weak unless you want to annoy them, DnD the golders then, Raise the dead to annoy expansion/kill death knights.

Okay now that you have the spells for the Orcish Horde its time to tell you what to do during the game :)

Getting Outlusted

First of all, the gay thing of WarCraft is in the beginning of the mid-game, when getting BloodLust, its just a race. Well what do you do when you know your outlusted? Well you can do three things,
1. You can hide you ogres somewhere descrete so when he hits you with lust, he'll be spreaded out tearing up your barracks, Then while he's attacking you barracks, hit his ogres side ways so wit will be easier.
2. You can wall off with 2-3 cannon towers :P, Let him hit you and watch hes ogres get fucked up, while you run over to his base(which ever has the most peons mining and go fuck his peons up.
3. If you dont want to wall, try and make 4-5 Guard Towers, Try and spread them, in a way its hard to get around and kill the towers. while the towers are attacking the Ogres, Hit the enemy ogres.


Well some people don't know when to expand. You should expand when upping fort. But personally i expand while upping stronghold. Not everyone can because it will fuck there wood up, and slow them to fort. Try and expand two times with one hall getting good gold flow, and second with decent gold flow. When main gold mine blows, split the golders into 9 different groups and make two more seperate expansions with both having 9 golders flowing. by the time you get all these expansions up, you SHOULD have lots of money. So then you make 3 dragons roost and start pumping drags plus ogres. (don't for get death knights, doing DnD runs.) “They keep killing my expansions to early for me to get enought defense and/or won't let me expand.” If this happends send some ogres with your peon(s). You should bring more then one peon if they killing it to fast so you can wall and make hall. If you want it to be alot easier then bring 2 dks for a quick defense.


You should make a Alchemist (i dont even make it so...try your best to remember because its an ownage scouter) make zeps for the scouting of the goldmines. So DONT let them expand. After you get flyers up you can make another alchemist if you want so you can pump saps out to help take down expansions. But when you talking about early game, its good to peon scout as in...hall, farm, scout neighbor then rest of the map :)


Well, I realize alot of times when someone is outrushed the one who is getting outrushed tends to try and choke to give them the advantage. This is when the play comes in, new players dont even realize the are at a disadvantage and just get crumbled even when there at a 2:1 difference, maybe even 3:1 if they can choke right. When someone chokes to create a 4:2 ratio, 3:1, 2:1, etc. Don't just sit there and get raped, Use unit control. The best thing is to back off, if there grunts stay where there at that means there on standground. If they were able to pick off some of your grunts to be able and rush you they will go after you to finish you off, If they just stay there, either they know you can still outrush them, or they CAN outrush you and are just stupid. If they stay there on standground, bring along a cat or two while choking them back. When there cat gets there kill off as much as grunts as you can. They will either retreat or try and take you down. Either way you won, Because if they stayed there (on standground) on the first place that means its because you outrushed him, So..... kill off 4-5 grunts and you still outrush him. If they hit you while you cat them its over for them. If they retreat keep catting him until there all dead, then hit his barracks while catting him. Unless hes fort and can make dks, has cats, or already expanded hes dead. Well im pretty sure your thinking, “Well what if this is done to me?”, If this is done to you (being catted) you should of made 2 cats once you see him choking you. Anyway your barracks are closer to your base so your cats get there faster.

Being Outrushed.

Well, this is a piss off, being outrushed. Well while there hitting you with all they got with grunts, and you realize “Shit im losing the rush”, this is when you wall off and start making a cannon tower. Well what do you do while your cannon is upgrading? Let them hit on your barracks? This is where build setup comes into play. When your constructing your buildings make it where when you make grunts they pop outside of your base while being able to repair your barracks so they cant die. “They cover up the spots so my grunts pop inside the base.” This is what a good player would do but, somepeople dont like to do that, like me i just wall off like usual. So you can either keep making grunts so that after the whole ordeal is over you can chop out and you will still have grunts. Or you can stop making grunts, which will save you money, and just try and go straight to lust while expanding.

Art of Lusting.

Try and look at how much mana an ogre-mage has when lusting your people up. e.g. 1 ogre has 150 mana. Lust 3 ogres with him then quickly click a different ogre, and lust up the rest. You should lust up every where you go. Well what if you forget to lust up before going somewhere, and they have ogres going straight for you with lust. Well this is quite simple, what you do is once you see there ogres with lust run the other direction until they stop chasing you or there lust has run out. Thats when you stop and lust up, but most of the time if there ogres get a couple of hits off of you and you run they might be able to pick off 1-2 ogres. On the other hand its better to lose your ogres and take down 5-6 of there ogres with you, than it is to just lose all of your ogres and take like 1 of his ogres down.


Highlight the “casting” units. (Perferably Death Knights) Save the unit group (Ctrl + #0-9) after its been saved choose one caster, then choose the spell you want, press the number you picked (it should highlight all the casters), while the “target cursor” is still there, then click where you want to cast.


Most new players attack the main base and thats it. What you need to do is either take down expansions with Ogre/DK combination or just DnD there gold constantly, so that they cant get anymore money. Personally its my style to use Ogre/DK combo because you might forget to keep DnDing there gold or they kill dk and keep making peons. If you use Ogre/DK combo they have no hall to keep getting gold :P On the other hand if you cant afford to use ogres on there expansion because you don't have the adequate defenses at your main then you can just use the DnD alternative (Which I usually do).


New players tend to do a “Cannon Rush”, where they cannon up + wall while trying to do a Lev. 5 Rush. Not saying its impossible but it slows you down alot to lust, upgrading, and the ability to pump grunts and peons at the same time (I see this is most SoCx Players) But on the other hand i do a cannon rush, just i don't make cannon early, i make it when im upping lvl 4-5 or so. Or i make it when im upping hold. What I suggest is, if you want to rush, don't wall but leave an entrance in and out your base (about the size of a farm) because its alot easier to expand that way, or if something needs repairing. It's also annoying when you wall in and your peon pops outside and you have to hide it. Well, what happends when the enemy finds it? No peon and forces you to chop out and/or lose time in making more barracks and expanding, But hey,hey once again this is something i do, I like to wall, but you need to be able to make it where it doesnt mess your game up. What you do is rush, and if you think your losing the rush wall off with a farm (remember the entrance should be about the size of a farm). Now before you get your screws loose saying “Fuck Lusted”, walling isn't a bad thing as long as you can remember to chop out right before you have to make more barracks and/or expand. Now for more on expanding (Mid-Late Game). When chopping in the beginning of the game, chop in a way that you wont have to keep walling off so they can't get you from a hole. Because its good when your main is still walled and you get 4-5 DKs in your base DnDing there ogres when ever you dont have any to defend with. Or if all your Ogres are gone somewhere else. If you ever feel there going to break into your base take 4 or more peons (while still repairing buildings) to make towers around the inside of your base, and upgrade them all to guard towers. Guard towers? yes, because they dont miss, faster to upgrade and its cheaper. On the other hand if you got lots of money spread the towers and make cannons. Once they break in and your towers are about done upgrading you should be okay, as long as you can keep the towers alive while it upgrades.

Tower Rush.

Now on this section ill admit I personally think I suck at this, but on the other hand I know what to do. This is when you peon scout you neighbor (spot next to you) and then you notice the enemy right next to you. What I find is the best thing to do so far is to build a barracks at the best between there goldmine and there town hall so that you can mess them up gold wise. While the barracks is making you at your base constructing a lumbermill while peons repair it. After its done take 2-3 peon over to the enemys base and tower them (personall right out there building range so they wont see it, but try and tower them by there townhall or goldmine if you can. Sometimes if you make towers to close by there buildings they will take all there peons and attack the towers. Something foolish people do is attack a tower thats being repaired without trying to kill the peon. Hmm, What happends after the whole war? Well its good to expand once you get the money to while sustaining your main. This will give you a boost in economy. The best thing to do is get Dks as fast as you can after you get two bases up and play defensive while making barracks, upgrading, and expanding more.

Air Annoyance.

Well this shouldn't be much of a problem if your constantly pumping DKs. If they dual I suggest making more Temples because most dualers make 2-3 Roost. If they air dont stop making ogres unless you know there going ONLY air. Its gay when you start pumping axers for air and then all of the sudden here comes 9 lusted ogres and it mows the axers. But also remember if the game drags on once you get 3 expansions going make 3-4 roost and pump drags, and this does work because ive done it plenty of times to win a game.

Unexpected Towering.

If you get towered unexpectedly make a cannon so they wont be able to make towers any closer to you and make cats. Go straight to lust and expand. Usually it will take longer for the opponent to get lust because of the towering. While going lust and expanding try and cannon there goldmine so you can slow them to lust. If they cannon your gold unexpectedly with farms blocking there cannons with grunts along with them, pull off as much as peons as you can off gold and go expand while keeping your choppers out of the cannons range. Wall off and lust up, hide 6 grunts incase of a cat threat. While doing this also slow him to lust anyway you can.

Versus Dualers.

Hmm a hard one for me, some people say its easy others say its hard also. This is pretty easy to stop vs a new dualer, but vs a experienced dualer its gets tough. Why? Because by the time you get cat they get hold. So what I try and do is just tower them all over not just to kill there buildings but to also make it where they can't get out there own base. Get cats and dont let them chop out so they can stop you from towering. Stop any peons chopping, kill towers, golders, and any units that can be used to stop you. Try and take down the base with the barracks first because they need the barracks to go hold. Kill the barracks and slow them down to lust. If its fails expand and go on the defensive while trying to annoy them as much as you can. Dont let them expand, and get 2 dks as fast as you can to DnD both golders on each base.

Well since im done going over these things its time for build orders.

2 - Barracks Lev. 5 Rush

1_Hall, Farm, Barracks, Gold
2_Farm (Makes farm for rest of the game)
3_Smith, Wood (This one peon goes wood after smith)

At lev. 3 Pull 3 peons on wood and make 2nd barracks along with a lumber mill. Keep upgrading until thev. 5 Go hold as soon as you have the money to make farms, grunts, and upgrade. Don't rush until you get mound up, after mound goes fort. When upping fort go expand and make more barracks. After this you do as you want, but be sure to scout and expand well.


1_Hall, Farm, 2nd Hall
2_Farm (Makes farm for rest of the game)

Start going wood when about at 6-7 Peons on gold (On each town) Be sure while making farms to wall in. The base you make the barracks in, try and make the barracks able to pop a cat INSIDE your base. When you get the wood make guard at the expansion without the barracks. But make sure you make cat as soon as you can. When you get the wood to make farms plus upgrade hold, then go for it. When upping hold get 2 peons to start making barracks, also start upgrading. Make mound and 2-3 Alchemist then go fort. When you hit fort make altar and 2 temples. If you want (I suggest it) make 2-3 dragon roost and go expand at 2 places.

Im not going to explain dual rush because that’s something you have to experiment on your own.

Low Res.

On low res, most people try and rush. Personally rushing blows at low unless there right next to you. Its alot better to power.

Anyway I go like this 1_Hall, Farm, Gold 2_Do like axo and pull 2 peons off before 4th peon is done 3_After you get 250 wood and 500 gold make farm with the peon that brings in the wood last. 4_Make another peon for wood so you will have 3 on wood. 5_Make about 4-5 more peons on gold 6_When you get at your 3rd farm making or 4th make peons on wood. 7_Make Mill, Barracks, Smith when you get wood.

When making farms try and make it where you will be able to wall. Once mill is up tower up. Go hold as soon as possible, From there on its all on what you feel to do.

That Concludes Lusted’s Guide, and I want to thank axo for putting my guide up, Special thanks to my friends.

Any Questions?
Email me at NewYork087@cs.com

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