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2 Yard - 4 Jugg Rush for High Resources
This is probably the most common jugg rush used by good water players, when they want to take control of the water. It's very simple, but hard to beat because of the amount of oil that you start with on high resources. On high resources, you only have oil for 4 juggernaughts if you do not build an oil platform. The idea behind this rush is to get 4 juggs quick, without wasting the resources on an early oil platform. This rush will take out anyone who attempts to build both ships, and an oil platform at the same time.

General Build Order
an early town
Peon 1 - Hall, Farm, Mill
Peon 2 - Farm (and continues building farms until you have enough)
Peon 3 - Gold
Peon 4 - Gold
Peon 5 - Shipyard. Peon 1 builds a second shipyard.
Peon 6 - Gold
Peon 7 - Gold
Peon 8 - Wood, etc, etc.

Pretty simple so far, right? Once your 2 yards are building, continue building farms as you need, and continue balancing your peons between gold and lumber. Once the shipyards are done, 1 of those peons starts a foundry, and the other one repairs it. One of the yards will build 1 oil tanker to scout around the map. This oil tanker is looking for several different things. First of all, you are hoping to find an enemies shipyard(s). This gives you a huge advantage of knowing where the enemy is. If you can find an enemy oil rig, then that's even better. Just send your first 2 juggs immediately at them. The other thing you are looking for, is any enemy buildings that are close to the shore. Oil tankers don't have a very large range of site, but sometimes you can pick up a few buildings.

Once the foundry is finished you immediately build a juggernaught from each shipyard. Make sure you are balancing your peons between gold and wood so you have 2000 gold, and 1000 lumber when it comes time to build the 2 ships. Once your first 2 juggs are done, send your oil tanker back home. Juggernaughts make much better scouts because of the distance that they can see. Make sure that you start building your next 2 juggs immediately. Send your first 2 juggs in different directions to scout for the enemy (if you couldn't find them with your oil tanker)

By the time your next 2 juggs are finished you have to make a decision to make on how you are going to approach the game from here. You can either stop building ships, and start to upgrade the tech tree, or you can start building oil tankers so that you can continue to pump ships. You will have to decide this from what you see in that particular game.

If you decide to power...
Use your scout tanker to build an oil platform. It's the only tanker you need so don't waste resources building any more. You just need enough oil to get a few transports later in the game, as well as the ability to upgrade to fort. One tanker will be plenty. Start your barracks as soon as possible. You should even try to have a barracks going as your 3rd and 4th juggs build. By this time you will have plenty of peons, so feel free to upgrade to stronghold without the smith. You can build the smith as your upgrading, and still have plenty of resources for a mound and a fort.

If you decide to go heavy boats...
Again, get your tanker to start the oil platform as soon as possible. Start pumping oil tankers out of both yards. You should have about 5-6 tankers to continuously support 2 shipyards. As soon as you get 1000 oil, build another juggernaught. Repeat. If you have already gained control of the sea, you should seriously consider pumping destroyers. They are very useful in killing enemy transports, as well as stopping any drags/grifs that come to sink your juggs. Your goal is to contain the enemy. You don't want them getting any hidden transports away, or it could be the end of the game. Make sure you keep scouting the enemies shoreline, and take out any yards that they try to build.

On Smaller Maps
On smaller water maps, or even on large maps with a lot of players, it's best if you can get your first 2 juggs a little faster All you have to do is repair the lumber mill with peon 3. When the mill is finished, both of those peons build the shipyards. Then if you still want them a little bit quicker, repair your foundry with a couple of peons. Just make sure that you leave 2000 gold and 1000 lumber so that you can build the 2 juggs.

Here are the main problems you will face with this strategy:
A rusher - Hopefully your oil tanker scout will catch their shipyard, and you can pick off the transport before it gets to you. Of course this isn't always the case. If you fear that someone is going to rush you, either put up a few guard towers to help your peons defend, or wall your entire base out far against the water and use your juggs to kill them from the backside.
Catapults - Catapults aren't that hard to deal with. If a enemy has one, just back your boats off the shore a little. If the enemy brings it out to try to shoot you again, just kill it. If you can't see the cat when you move your juggs back towards the shore, do hit and runs on any buildings that you can see. Juggs raze buildings very fast.
Mages/DKers - This is the most common way that someone will use to get a few transports safely off somewhere. To avoid getting all of your ships sunk, back them off about a screen away from the enemy shipyards. A submarine or a flyer is useful here if you have 1. Just place one of those units by the shipyard so you can see what's happening (make sure your sub is not shooting at them!). When the enemy transport is built, go in and sink it immediately, then retreat. If the enemy has not harvested any oil, they will only be able to build 6 transports before they are out.
Dragons - Just group your destroyers that should of been building. If you stopped building boats and started to power, just hide whatever ships you have and try to pick off stray enemy transports as you find them.

This is an effective high resources rush for gaining control of the waters. Even newer players will able to pull this off efficiently without much practise.

2 peons work on the foundry
The 2 peons who built the shipyards, work on the foundry. The scout oil tanker has just completed, and will scout out one side of the map.
2 juggs are done
These are the first 2 juggs finished. They will scout the other side of the map, and the tanker will start to come back home. The next juggernaughts are being built.

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