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Exploiting Priority to Tower into an Enemy
If you haven't read the page on the Tower Bug I suggest you do now. If you have, then you know that if there are 3 spaces between enemy towers, then the towers 'react' a different way than they normally do. If an enemy has a tower already upgraded, there is no way to stick up a tower that will kill their peons while keeping yours safe (because you have to wait for you tower to be upgraded). There is a way to tower into someone in a similar kind of manner, however.

Use 4 Spaces between the towers Both players can repair
Instead of trying to stick up a tower that only has 3 spaces in between yours and the enemies tower, stick it 4 spaces away. The towers are still in range of each other, so the tower bug is still in effect, but the peons can both repair without being killed. This might not seem like much. So what if you upgrade a tower that simply exchanges hits with the enemies tower?

By exploiting a guard-towers shooting priority, this can become a really dangerous situation.


Step by step example:

I'll take you through a picture by picture example. Take a quick glance at the first picture again. Nothing was going on. Both players are simply repairing their respective towers; neither player gaining any advantage. Now, you can see that I built a watch tower a little closer to the enemy.


That watch tower doesn't seem to serve any purpose yet, does it? But notice how the enemies tower is still shooting at my guard tower. This happens because the guard tower is more of a 'threat' than a watch tower. So it continues to shoot at my guard tower on the right. Notice it is upgrading, however...


Now my new tower is upgraded. What happens to the enemy tower here? All of a sudden the priority on it changes. There is now another guard tower within range, and it is closer than the other one. It views this new tower as more of a threat, and starts too shoot this one now. This is big trouble for the enemy.


My new tower is easily within range of the enemy peon, and kills it. You can see my second tower is now on fire because the enemy tower is aiming at that one. My peon on the right has stopped because the right tower is completely repaired.


I'm not worried about sending my peon to repair the other tower, because 2 of my towers easily take down 1 enemy tower, even when you have to kill an enemy peon first. Now that the enemy tower is destroyed, I can go repair that tower. The only damage my peon took was when he finished building the watch tower.

The best part of this is you get rid of the enemies tower. This example was setup for viewing purposes, but in a real game, you will usually be doing this at an enemies wallin. So after the tower is taken out, you can send grunts in uncontested. Your guard towers will also be razing the buildings that were out in front of the tower (like a typical wallin has).

This can be used all over. Even if an enemy has a guard tower upgraded and you have nothing, you can send 2 peons over, and repair your first tower 4 spaces away. Once it is upgraded, start the 2nd watch tower a little closer. Unless the enemy sticks up another tower as well, you will easily take down theirs. This also works any direction because the tower bug doesn't really have an impact here. The enemy on the left side could of just as easily stuck up a 2nd tower closer to me, and towered into me. In this case, I was just faster to the punch.

Note: This cannot be done with cannon towers. A cannon tower will raze your watch tower as you try to build it. Even if you send multiple peons to help repair it, the splash damage will wreak havoc on your peons.

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