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This page is dedicated to single and multi-player PUDs (maps) for Warcraft 2. On this page you will find, map archives, single player maps, multi-player maps, puzzle maps, and race maps. You will also find my infamous "Map of the Week" which I will still try to do every week. I also now accept maps of ALL types. Any decent map I receive will be used on this page in the future. Any maps that are not featured in the Map of the Week, will still make into my map archives. So send in those maps please!

Map of the Week - A new multiplayer map that is fair and fun. I put them out as I find/get cool ones and find some time.

Multiplayer Maps - Hundreds of Multiplayer PUDs of every type.

Singleplayer Maps - A huge assortment of single player PUDs are found here.

Puzzle PUDs and Olympic PUDs - Don't know what these are? Click the link to find out all about these 2 very unique types of Warcraft 2 maps.

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