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1 Hall Power to Lust
This strat used to be all the rage at one time, but it has died off since, but not without good reason. As the game has evolved, it has become harder to win with this strategy. There are still quite a few players who use 1-Hall power to lust strats. A good lust order should beat an average player, but I suggest you don't get hooked on this strategy, because it's very limiting and will get smoked by the better War2 players.

When it works
It works against a rusher if they aren't that fast in containing you. It would also work against a 1 Hall power to Stronghold if you can save most of your ogres until you have lust. It should be used on maps that that are easy to navigate, and have 40,000 gold or more in there mines. You don't want to try this on a map like Maze (hard to navigate), or Forest Trails (small mines) because you would almost never win with it. The build order is very similar to the order I have for the 1 Hall Power to Stronghold (it makes it easier to remember), except you get 2 extra peons before going hold.

The build order

Peon 1 - Hall, farm, barracks
Peon 2 - farm (then continues building farms until you have 21 food).
Peon 3 - smith
Peon 4 - mill
Peon 5 - gold
Peon 6 - gold
The barracks finishes and the peon (1) is sent to gold.
Peon 7 - gold
Peon 8 - gold
The mill, and the the smith will finish as peon 9 builds. Both peons go to wood. Start building a catapult.
Peon 9 - gold
Peon 10 - gold
Peon 11 - wood
Peon 12 - wood
Somewhere in here, peon 2 will have built your food up to 21. Send him to gold.
Peon 13 - wood
Peon 14 - wood
As peon 15 builds, the catapult will finish. Start your first weapon upgrade.
Peon 15 - wood
Peon 16 - gold
Go stronghold as soon as your 17th peon is done.
Peon 17 - start building a second barracks (as seen in the picture)

By the time you have 17 peons, it will seem like you have a lot of resources. You really don't. You will see once you get your mound done how little resources you really have. If you go stronghold any earlier than 17 peons, it becomes very hard to constantly use 2 barracks. In fact, going stronghold with less peons, actually is slower to fortress.

Just before your stronghold finishes, pull 3 peons from gold (it doesn't matter if they are carrying gold). Have one build the mound and the other 2 repair it. While you are at stronghold, you will build 2 more peons as your mound builds. The peon who built your 2nd barracks is put onto wood. A wood peon will start a new farm. Once the mound is done, send those 3 peons back to gold. You should have enough resources to start your fort upgrade immediately, as well as 2 ogres. At this time, you have to make sure that 1 of your choppers is chopping a way out of your base. A good rusher will have 2 cats coming your way at this time, so you may need your first 2-4 ogres to kill their cats, just so you can survive. Just use the first 2 ogres that you have to setup a 2 on 1, or a 1 on 1, backed up by your catapult.

My peon chops out
My fort has just started, and 2 ogres are building in the barracks. The peon on the left is already chopping out, just in case my ogres need to take out an enemy catapult.
A grunt checks me out
The enemy sees I have chopped out through the fog, and comes to check it out. You can see 2 peons repairing my alter and a new farm being built in the bottom right. Level 3 is upgrading at the smith.

From now on, it will be up to you to balance your gold and wood, for it is different in different locations. You can afford to repair your alter with a 2 or 3 peons so do so. Keep ahead on farms, and upgrade your 2nd weapon when you can afford. Your 2nd weapon upgrade is far more important than the shield (see bloodlust mechanics for details on that).

If you have an opportunity, try to find the enemy with an ogre before you get ogre mages. Having to scout with an eye always tells the enemy what is coming next. If you can scout them with an ogre, and then hit them with ogre mages, you will often surprise and do more damage with your attack. Once your ogre-mage upgrade is complete, send all of your ogres towards the enemy while bloodlust is researching. You should have 10-14 ogres.

Depending on what happens with your first attack, determines how you will play the rest of the game. If they towered up heavy then back off and start at a temple at home. In other situations it might be best if you just contain the enemy as you go and expand.

This is a very unflexible strat. Usually your first attack kills the enemy and you win, or it fails and the enemy wins. It works like this because a rusher, ends up having more peons than you when he goes stronghold, and eventually fort. So you may be ahead for a little bit, but it won't be for long. You have to attack while your still ahead in the tech tree.

A good 2 Haller will run this strategy over. They will be at fort almost as fast as you, and will have more than 2x the resources coming in by the time you hit them.

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