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The Human Hotkeys
Here are all the human hotkeys that are used in the game. If you do not know them, I strongly suggest you learn them. Each hotkey you can use, instead of having to click on an icon, will save you valuable time. If you have never played this game before, than print this page out and use it as a reference. If you do play this game frequently, you will learn these very fast. The units or buildings found inside the brackets are what make use of that certain hotkey.

Human Land Units Human Water Units
P - Peasant (Town Hall) O - Oil Tanker (Shipyard)
F - Footman (Barracks) D - Destroyer (Shipyard)
A - Archer/Ranger (Barracks) T - Transport (Shipyard)
K - Knight (Barracks) B - Battleship (Shipyard)
B - Ballista (Barracks) S - Submarine (Shipyard)
P - Paladin (Barracks)
F - Flying Machine (Inventor)
D - Demolition Squad (Inventor)
T - Mage (Mage Tower)
G - Griffon (Griffon Aviary)

Human Basic Buildings Human Advanced Buildings
BH - Townhall (Peasant) VS - Shipyard (Peasant)
BF - Farm (Peasant) VF - Foundry (Peasant)
BB - Barracks (Peasant) VR - Refinery (Peasant)
BS - Blacksmith (Peasant) VS - Stables (Peasant)
BL - Lumber Mill (Peasant) VI - Inventor (Peasant)
BT - Built Watch Tower (Peasant) VM - Mage Tower (Peasant)
G - Upgrade to Guard Tower (Watch Tower) VC - Church (Peasant)
C - Upgrade to Cannon Tower (Watch Tower) VG - Griffon Aviary (Peasant)
BW - Built Wall (Peasant) B - Oil Platform (Oil Tanker)
K - Upgrade to Keep (Town Hall) C - Upgrade to Castle (Keep)

W - Weapons (Blacksmith) U - Upgrade Arrows (Lumber Mill)
H - Shields (Blacksmith) R - Ranger Training (Lumber Mill)
B - Ballista Damage (Blacksmith) S - Ranger Scouting (Lumber Mill)
L - Longbow (Lumber Mill) M - Marksmanship (Lumber Mill)
O - Slow (Mage Tower) L - Flame Shield (Mage Tower)
I - Invisible (Mage Tower) P - Polymorph (Mage Tower)
B - Blizzard (Mage Tower) P - Paladin Upgrade (Church)
H - Healing (Church) E - Exorcism (Church)

Casting Spells

F - Fireball (Mage) O - Slow (Mage)
L - Flameshield (Mage) I - Invisible (Mage)
P - Polymorph (Mage) B - Blizzard (Mage)
H - Healing (Paladin) E - Exorcism (Paladin)

Unit Commands

M - Move S - Stop
A - Attack P - Patrol
T - Stand Ground R - Repair (Peasant only)
H - Harvest (Peasant only) B - Basic Structure (Peasant only)
V - Advance Structure (Peasant only)

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