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Food Usage
Each unit that you build while playing, requires 1 unit of food for 'support'. When playing competitively in a multi-player game , it is absolutely imperative that you can train your units constantly. Not having enough food forces you to wait, and as such, makes you slower. There are actually 2 buildings in the game that supply food to your units.

A farm Both humans, and orcs can build farms at a cost of 500 gold and 250 lumber. Each farm you build gives you 4 units of food. You have to make sure you have enough farms building, so you can train units without delay. You don't want to hit the food limit, and then start making another farm. With experience, you will learn how many farms you need to be building ahead of time.

A Town Hall
A hall Not so obvious, is the fact that every Town Hall you have, adds 1 food to your total. At the beginning of game when you have no buildings, there will be no food icon at the top of the screen. After completing the mandatory hall as the first building, the food icon appears at the top, and displays '1/1'. Each hall you have, will add one to the total. A Keep/Stronghold and Castle/Fortress are exactly the same, and produce 1 unit of food each (they are just an upgrade from a Town Hall, after all). Example: If you have 8 farms, and 3 town halls, how much food would have produced? The answer of course, is 35. 8x4 or 32 from the farms, plus 3 for the Halls.

Watch the top of the screen
Implemented in the Battle Net Edition of War2 was the farm usage display at the top. In order to check your farm usage with the original retail version of War2, you had to click on a farm to see the food used, and food grown. Now there is a simple icon at the top that displays the all the time.

food used

That is the icon you will see at the top of your playing screen as long as you have at least 1 Town Hall or farm on the map. As you can see, I have 27 units, and enough food to support 37. Make sure you get into the habit of keeping your eye on this the entire game.

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