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Hello, and welcome to the Warcraft II Occult! Within these pages you will find loads of information about the greatest RTS game ever made, and the game that started the rise of RTS popularity to the levels that it is at today.

Did you know that you there is still an active Warcraft 2 Community that continues to play the game to this day? For more information, please visit the homepage, and download the game for free. There is still an active ladder, and various tournaments to sign up and compete in.

Be sure to check out the forums as well.

This game and webpage definitely deserves some extra attention. I originally made this page in the late 90s, and it shows its age. I've been updating the odd page to get the navigation to work with the modern big 3 browsers. I've noticed that most of the Warcraft 2 pages are gone now, including a great preservation page that was put together, that contained all sorts of nostalgic information pulled from the various War2 sites created in early days of the Internet. I think I will probably do the same thing here, as this is pretty much the last remaining active Warcraft II site (not counting, of course).

And because I understand this page's place in history, here is an animated gif to remind you of the mid-90s.

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