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This page is designed to help you setup and play Warcraft 2 online. The information found within these pages is geared towards a new user. Anyone with internet or online gaming experience, will most likely find this information trivial.

Playing Warcraft 2 Online

As more and more online games are made, the market for places to play these games increases. There are currently several places to play Warcraft 2, but only a few of them have a large enough player base to make it worth while.
Follow the links below to find the information you need to play Warcraft 2 online.
This is a free place to play warcraft 2. Just follow the link and download the free software to connect to the server. Now you can play warcraft 2 anywhere without needing a disc. It uses the same interface as and is very quick to setup and easy to use.
The only realistic place to play the retail version of the game now. You need to own the edition of Warcraft 2 in order to play here. access is built into this version of the game.

Microsoft's Gaming Zone
MSN no longer supports Warcraft 2 online. I'll leave the page there just so you can look at the screenshots and remember how great The Zone was at one time.

It's still around if you have the old dos version of war2 and just want to get a few friends together to play.

Technical Problems
In this section, you can find fixes to common problems with War2 Battle Net Edition, or the old Dos version of the game. If you have a problem you need help with feel free to ask me.

An easier fix for the latency problems with Windows XP and Windows 2000

Using War2BNE with Windows XP and Windows 2000

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