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After playing a game for over 5 years, you learn some things that...well, you don't really need to know. This page contains some fun, strange, and useless facts that I've picked up over the years. I continually run into useless strategies and bugs as I play the game, so I'll always be adding to this page as I discover, and re-discover facts similar to those found here.

Useless Warcraft 2 Facts

-Old Cases Ladder Standings!!!

-The computer AI actually tells their peons to come and kill you!

-Learn how to attack with flyers and zeps.

-On certain maps, you can upgrade rangers/bezerkers past level 7.

-This is getting scary now.

-Your units can play follow the leader.

-A game of tag?

-They changed the sound layout in War2BNE.

-So you think bigger is better too? Learn how to make HUGE explosions.

-You can track down invisible units in classic War2.

-Haste on demos and sappers have different results.

-Flameshield damages flying units.

-The second human arrow upgrade is really messed up.

-Eye of Kilrogg Patrol?

-An 18 peon hop on Fierce Ocean Combat.

-Typing in 'gilttering prizes' instead of the cheat code 'glittering prizes' works exactly the same.

-Flameshield doesn't know what to do when a unit goes inside of a structure.

-If you try to 'hop' a peon (or any other unit) further than 8 squares, then it will die.
Update: This actually isn't so usless on mini chop maps. Play 'mini chop chop 64 x 64' and you'll quickly learn what I mean.

-A critter will explode if you continuously click on it. The only use at all, is to try to take a critter out on mutton, as your hall builds. Good luck :).

-It takes 51 chops for a peon to get wood, and not 50. I doubt Blizzard meant to do this.

-If you take a dragon, patrol, and then just click on the tip of his nose (any direction), the dragon's animation will freeze until you issue a new command.

Submit Your Own!

Do you know a bug, useless strat, or anything else along those lines? Feel free to send it to me, or let me know on the forums.

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