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Warcraft 2 Related Links
This is the site where you can download for free, and play Warcraft II online against other people today. For more info, you can visit the section of the forums.

Blizzard Legacy Games
Unfortunately this is the last remaining page on Blizzard's website, that mentions Warcraft II.

War2 BNE Insight
The homepage of an incredible Warcraft 2 video replay tool written by a fan.

Warcraft 2 Preservation Site
This page is now gone but I'm simply keeping the link here so I can pillage a lot of the content from the internet archive site.

A site covering both War2 and War3. There are several replays that can be found as well as the infamous Who's Who of War2 done by BiZaTcH.

Warcraft Akademie
A HUGE German War2 site with loads of information. Even if you don't understand German, there is alot to look at on this page. A very complete and comprehensive page. Take a look for yourself.

Total Conversions and Mods

As I've seen with most of the links over the years, the total conversion and mod pages have all disappeared. If you have access to any of the old files or sites, or know of any sites that still exist, I'd love to hear from you.

If you want your Warcraft II related link added on this page, email me to discuss it.

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