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Starting Resources
If you have ever played another real time strategy type of game, there was probably only one starting condition. In starcraft, for example, you always start with the same amount of resources (because of balance issues). In Warcraft 2, you will play games with a huge variety of starting resources. You will play games where you start with enough resources, just to build your first 2 buildings, and other settings where you have more money than you know what to do with.

Three common ones
There are 3 starting resources that are given to you on a list when you create a game. These are known has 'high resources' , 'medium resources' , and 'low resources'. The names are pretty self-explanatory.
On high resources you start with 10,000 gold, 5,000 wood, and 5,000 oil.
On medium resources you will be given 5000 gold, 2,000 wood, and 2,000 oil.
For low resources you will start with only 2,100 gold, 1,100 wood, and 1,000 oil.
High is played much more than the other 2 resources. You will end up playing more games on this setting, than all of the other settings combined. Low is played the second most. Medium is played the least; even less than default resources.

Random resources
Another option is to select 'random resources' for the game. Don't worry. It's not as random as it sounds. All that this setting does is randomly choose between high, medium, and low resources.

Default resources
Each map that is made is also given a default amount of resources to start with for when 'default' is chosen from the resource list. There are maps you will play on Battle Net that start you off with 65,000 of each resource. You will run into a huge variety of different settings if you like to play maps that other players have made.

Check your resouces immediately
If you join a private game on Battle Net, you are never told what the resources are. Even AFTER joining a public game, it does not say anywhere on the screen what the resources are. As soon as the game starts, take a quick glance at the top of your screen. Check what your resources are so you can plan your strategies accordingly.

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