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Classic Maps

Plains of Snow
Players : 8
Size : 128x128
Starting Mines: 40,000
A very popular land map. You will see this map second most, next to Garden of War. The map is very simple, making it easy to grunt rush, send peons over to tower, or send catapults quickly to the enemy. Almost every game you play, you will see heavy grunt rushes, or 1 hall powers used. Two halling can work but you have to defend them, AND get a fast keep. Mid-right upper (known as r2) forces you to bulid your hall 1 back from the closest possible buliding position so you can still access the mine. Be prepared for the grunts.

River Fork
Players : 3
Size : 128x128
Starting Mines: 30,000
Not a very exciting pud. You have so much resources available to you on your starting island (105k gold) that there is no need to go water. If it is played on low resources, just get a little bit of oil for any transports you will need later. You could probably get away with a 2 hall for most games (especially from bottom left). Rushing is dangerous because they can wall in. I've only played this map a couple of times myself, so you probably don't need to worry about it.

Players : 7
Size : 128x128
Starting Mines: 45,000
This would be a great water map if they released a fixed version of it. The top left spot is too horrible to play. If you want to try this map, play with the rule that you will restart if someone does get top left. The bottom left spot has barely any wood, but other than that it's a decent map. Juggs can do heavy damage, especially to expansions. This map is just a mess of islands stuck anywhere. You have to keep an eye out all over the map for enemy expansions. You also have to keep full control over all of your units to do well on here. I think this map has the most potential of maps that aren't played.

Skull Isle
Players : 6
Size : 96x96
Starting Mines: Corners are 40,000. Top and bottom mid are 30,000
An unfair map. Bottom left cannot build his hall close to the mine. I suggset you move to mid left if you are playing low resources. Top right and bottom middle have next to no wood. Rushing is the only way to go on here. No spots are wallable (except for a creative wallin at top middle). The maps is easy to navigate so you can get grunts on someone really fast. Build grunts, and more grunts.

The Four Corners
Players : 4
Size : 128x128
Starting Mines: 40,000
A boring map, but you will run into it for ladder games. Juggs do not work. They can't hit any buildings, and transports can easily run from them. The oil patches also are incredibly small. Make sure you build your mill where your expansion mine is(in the trees). Just go land. Try to take another open corner, and keep pumping lots of land power. Rushing rarely works because a good player will wall the entire island. If you are doing low resources, just build 1 tanker to get some oil, and go all land from there.

The Spiral
Players : 5
Size : 96x96
Starting Mines: 50,000. 40,000 on the tips.
A popular water map. On low resources, get your shipyard fast and you might be able to steal your neighbours oil. Juggs can wreak havok on this map because they can hit anything that tries to mine the gold on the tips of the islands. Subbing, jugging, rushing, expanding , and powering all work here. Once you get to fort, mages can reach the adjacent island's peon line on the tip. On high resources, you can build your first hall at the end of your island if you want to mine it out before juggs can get on you (good for powering). Watch out for quick rushes. You are easily found with only 5 starting spots.

Three Ways to Cross
Players : 3
Size : 128x128
Starting Mines: 35,000 each, after moving.
Quite possibly the worst classic map there is. Top middle and the left-side starting spots, have to move to a new mine on their left (the original mines are too far away). Just repair your barracks and rush for all you're worth. It would probably be more fun if you did nothing, instead of playing this map.

Unyielding Stone Fortresses
Players : 2
Size : 96x96
Starting Mines: 25,000
This map proves that Blizzard employees DO, sometimes work while drunk. Both starting spots are terrible. Bottom right's expansions are much closer in comparison to top left's. If you want to win, just repair your barracks like there's no tomorrow and build all the grunts you can with the starting resources.

X Marks the Spot
Players : 2
Size : 64x64
Starting Mines: 15,000
Not a bad map, but it is all about build orders. Your fastest repair jugg, or rush orders will usually win the game for you on this map. Some people try sub-rushing but it usually doesn't work. I've also won games by getting a fast transport and expanding to both unoccupied islands. The right-side starting spot can easily peon hop to the bottom middle island, so remember that. Do not go heavy peons because there isn't much gold to work with. Win the jugg war quick and you you will still have enough gold to get a catapult (if you need to take an expansion mine from them).

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