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Puzzle Puds

Puzzle maps were started by DjinnKahn, and are single player maps where you solve certain 'puzzles' to advance further along. The goal of these maps is usually to just get to 'The End', while following the rules that the maker provides.

Puzzle.pud by DjinnKahn

Djinn's 1st Puzzle
Here are some author's notes about this map.

- play with "on screen"
- the first archer upgrade takes 2 seconds
- save when you get to a new area (don't overwrite puzzle)
- alter the speed with +/- (you will need to play on slowest on some parts)
- if ALL enemy units are idle, you can use "make it so" (so you don't waste time)

The numbers on the map give you a general direction of where you have to go. You start in the top left area and have to make your way to the number '2' area.

You can play this map (and any map) just by having the .sav file. The .sav file is setup properly at the beginning and can be downloaded right here - 529kb. If you want to use the .pud file, make sure you keep everything on map default before you start the game.
Download the pud file - (70kb)

For hints and solutions to this puzzle, you can check out this forum thread or you can download a video solution - 10.2Megs (you need the program WarVideo from my files page to view this video)

DKpuzzle.pud by DjinnKahn

Djinn's 2nd Puzzle
This is Djinn's 2nd puzzle pud. No one has beaten this map without help from Djinn himself. This map is HARD. I could do everything except for 2 parts of the map. Djinn finally released a video so you when you finally get fed up with it, you can see how it's done. Best of luck :). Here's the author's note for this one.

- play with "on screen"
- if ALL enemy units are idle, you can use "make it so" (so you don't waste time)
- Don't exploit random damage too much
- This map is possible :)

Again, the numbers on the map give you an indication of where to start. To help you out a little, I can tell you that you start with the peon in the top right corner, and you have to get him down the little river before your lumber mills die in the bottom right.

You can also play this map, just by having the .sav file. The .sav file is setup properly at the beginning and can be downloaded right here - 529kb. If you want to use the .pud file, make sure you keep everything on map default before you start the game.
Djinn removed the video solutions from his boy. Best of luck doing this puzzle now. I still remember some parts of it if you want to email me or ask in the forums. I found this thread which offers a few hints to this puzzle.
Download the pud file - (122kb)

Ogrepuz.pud by DjinnKahn

Another Djinn Puzzle
This is a little puzzle that teaches you a little bit about walling in. Your goal is to design an efficient wallin so you can repair fast enough to keep the ogres out.

- you win when the game says so (when all ogres are dead)
- you can't lose any peons
- the pud prevents you from training units and ugrading towers tips for designing your wall-in:
- 3 peons repair the damage of 4 ogres. (the 3 peons have a very slight advantage)
- ogres next to multiple buildings will attack the one with highest "value". From highest to lowest "value" -- tower/hall/mill/farm

Download the pud file - (15kb)

Tinypuz.pud by DjinnKahn

Another Djinn Puzzle
This is a neat little puzzle with many different 'problems'. A bunch of us finished this one without Djinn's help, but it finds that nice balance of being challenging, but not too hard that you give up.

- play with "on screen"
- other cheat codes are ok if they ONLY save you time
- you're restricted from building a lot of stuff...
- the goal is to eliminate blue

Download the pud file - (15kb)
Download one solution - (2.58Mb)
Download my solution - (1.71Mb)

Runestone by I_BraKE_TOYS

A fairly difficult map. I haven't had time to get through it all myself yet, but be assured you will be reloading the game many times.

- avoid the cannon balls
- out run the skeletons
- watch out for guard towers
- rescue all of reds buildings
- hop the rivers
- rescue the transport, knight, archer, and the wizard
- kill the ogre and the demon
- move all the rescued units to the circle of power. If playing online set the game type to "use map settings and resources to default".
- if playing single player (custom scenario) set everything to map default and no cheats!!!

Download the map
Hints and Solutions

Olympic Puds
Olympic puds have been around for along time in certain ways, but it was one weekend on Battle.Net that a bunch of good players got together and tested their skills my having certain 'races'. The following maps are designed to either test how fast you can do something (first to lust, kill your own town hall, etc) or how fast you can complete the course. Many thanks to Warcraft-Akademie for originally doing an olympics page, and allowing me to rip the pictures and text from their page.

Olympia.pud Olympia.pud by mitchell
This map is the replacement for the Garden of War BNE.pud, which was used in the beginning of olympic activities. You can use it for any kind of races like Lust Race, Kill your Hall, Empty goldmine and so on. Start 'with One Peasant only'. As you can see, it is designed for 8 players in which everyone gets an equal starting position.
Download the map now - (118kb)


Race8.pud by Baschi
This was the first obstacle race, that was tested. The finish is the top of the map, which must be reached with 10 Peons or Peasants. In the beginning, there are enough Sappers to get free from your starting position to the north. It is interesting to note the place of the goldmine. Make sure you start the game with 'use map settings'.
Download the map now - (119kb)

Run For Your Life.pud

Run for your life.pud by Terok
Two Enemies (1vs1) have to reach with more units as the other player the circle of power until goldmine ist empty . On your race you have to pass a camp of your enemy with units like axethrowers, catapults and deathknights, which are allowed to attack your running units without leaving their wall-in. It's place enough for 6 sport fans to view the race. Start the game with 'Use Map Settings'. All the rules by Terok are included in a the .zip file.
Download the map and rules now - (118kb)

Akademie Race One

Akademie Race One.pud by Kirk
The finish is in the bottom right corner, where you have to build a farm in the little square surrounded by trees. There are some buildings that are needed from the beginning, so make sure that you 'Use Map Settings' when setting up the game.
Download the map now - (120kb)


Transport.pud by Baschi
On this map, you have to reach the small land at the top and go back to your starting position. Start with "Use Map Settings". Then your are sure, that transports are lying in the canals. A pure high-speed race ...
Download the map now - (120kb)

Peon Olympics Race.pud

Obstacle Race by Baschi
This pud is for 7 single racing sportsmen. The second pud is for team-race 2vs2 or 3vs3. The hosting player is referee. Again, make sure you 'Use Map Settings' when setting up the game.
Rules: no fighting, and no attacking walls being built. It is also not allowed to hinder the enemy's view with the flying machines.
Download the map now - (121kb)
Or the Team Version - (121kb)

Peon Olympics Race 2.pud

Obstacle Race 2 by Baschi
This is another race where you use the same settings and rules as the above 2 maps.
Download the map now - (121kb)


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