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Scenarios - A 32 level scenario complete with a story and mission objectives. It is simply amazing when one considers how much time MeanJean929 put into these maps. They are fun and challenging and are a great single mission package.
You also need the document that goes along with it. It contains information on all the levels, including scenario objectives. - A ten scenario campaign that was created by Lady Phanton. The zip file includes text descriptions of each scenario. The maps are fairly well done, although the amount of gold you get for each scenario is a little over done. These maps are still fun for the single-player enthusiasts, nonetheless.

Wc2pud - 118 Puds! Some of these maps aren't very good (even some unplayable ones), but there are plenty of very well thought out ones. These were designed for single play games, but some would work well with multi player also. You'll have to download and take a look for yourself to find which ones you like.

12 Levels - A 12 level campaign that includes a text file for each level so you know what you have to do. Out of all of the use created campaigns I have ever seen for this game, this is one of the best.

Ezroth - An 8 level campaign. Again, this is a well planned campaign that the author put some real time into creating. The zip file contains a text file describing each level, as well as a little screenshot of each pud.

KingMkr - A 7 level campaign. Includes a forward.txt, as well as .txt files for each scenario in the mission.

Orc Saga - Command the orcs through another 7 level campaign. Contains one .txt file that explains each map in the mission. This is a decent scenario where the battles don't just stay on the land.

Cho'Gall's Revenge - 5 levels of unique campaign levels. The author stayed away from the typical 'kill all the enemies' type of maps. There are some really unique maps in this set of 5. Some like you have never seen.

Trull - 6 big scenarios where you eventually destroy large encampments. There is no story to accompany this one, but the maps aren't too bad themselves.

Exploding Troll Saga - A simple 2 pud scenario where your orc axthrower statistics have been played around with just a little. You'll have to try it out for yourself :) .

Single Player Maps

25 Maps - Another 25 maps made by MeanJean929 consisiting of RPGs, single player, strategic, small maps, and vs. the computer maps. - 30 single player maps where you usually start out with the same units as the computer. These are good maps for any new players to the game, to test your skill with different strategies. - I think this was actually created for a scenario, but I don't have any files that can tell you what the story is. All of these maps are single player maps where you have to destroy the enemy. Lots of maps are included here, are incredibly difficult.

Package 1 - 30 single player maps that are mostly HUGE. Playing your way through all 30 of these maps would take the best of players, days to defeat. Some of these maps are INCREDIBLY difficult.

Package 2 - And 35 more...Some of these are borderline impossible if not impossible.

Package 3 - And even 35 more... you did know that this was coming, didn't you?


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