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Multi-Player Maps

Here you can find and download hundreds of multi player maps for Warcraft 2. So if you're a little tired of all the same maps, try a few of these out.

War2 Bne Maps - All 153 maps that come with the retail version of Warcraft 2 BNE. For those of you who never bought the edition, you can still try out all of those new maps by downloading them here. It also includes all the classics from regular Garden of War to Friends. You can see what most of these maps look like by going to my Maps Page.
Note I've disable this link because after thinking about it, putting the retail maps on my site is probaby illegal. I'll see if I can get Blizzard's permission.

KPuds - 54 KPuds. KPuds, which stand for KaliPuds or KahnPuds were a whole bunch of maps stuck together by Warcraft 2 fans. You can still check out their web site, and the history of kpuds at These maps offer a huge range in variety, and are maps that were play-tested (and passed) by many War2 players. You can see pictures and statistics of EVERY land map , and EVERY water map.

Nedro's Maps 27 Multiplayer maps made by Nedro. Check out this page for more info. User Submitted Maps 1 | 2 | 3 (21Mb total) - 950...that's right, 950 multi and single player maps that were submitted by the fans of . If you ever need to keep busy then just download this zip file and unzip into your war2 maps directory.

War2BNE Downloaded Maps (1.41Mb) - 122 maps that I either downloaded off of, or that were sent to me through this site. There are probably a few duplicates (puzzle.puds, map of the week), but it still contains lots of multiplayer maps, many of which were used on Battle.Net.

FragPuds - 17 Puds which were created by FragFest. Lots of very strange and interesting maps. Even a couple that are designed to be played against the computer.

2 Player Maps - So you want to see who is a better player between you and a friend? This file contains 18, 2 player maps for head to head competition. The maps range from land to sea, and are all equally balanced. These are very fun maps if you and a friend want to have at it with each other in some friendly War2 competition.


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