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The most popular place to play Warcraft 2. The Warcraft 2 Battle Net Edition or War2BNE was released in September of 1999, as a clever way to make some money off an old game, along with giving the seperate War2 communities a place to play together.
You CANNOT use an old version of Warcraft 2 to play on battle.net. To play on the battle.net servers you must buy War2BNE. It is not released by Blizzard as a patch or upgrade.
However, you can use War2BNE to play with older versions of Warcraft 2. So, as long as you have War2BNE you can play with anyone else who has an older version, it just won't be over the provided Battle.net servers.

Getting onto Battle.net

The pictures below show you how you get onto battle net. Simply press "multiplayer", "enhanced", "battle.net" and hit connect. If you are not connected to the internet when you select "battle.net" then your computer will connect for you, before continuing.

Main menu options

Multiplayer menu options

Enhanced menu options

...and that's it. You will now be prompted to enter a user name and password, and then you will be ready to play some games. Battle Net has an incredibly easy interface that you will become familiar with in a matter of minutes.

BNE chat screen - A simple picture that demonstrates the basics of the main chat interface.

Joining a Game - Another picture that demonstrates the basics of joining someone's hosted game on battle net.

Latency Guide

The first indicator you have on how good your connection is, are the bars beside your name on the player list. You can have 1-2 green bars, 3-4 yellow bars, or 5-6 red bars. One green bar means your connection is very fast, and you should have no problems joining or playing in any games. Six red however, indicates that your connection is very slow. When you have 6 red bars you will probably slow the game down alot, and you will quite possibly be dropped from the game. If you are using a dial-up connection I suggest you try these:
A dial-up connection fix
Another dial-up connection fix

For some strange reason players seem to think that /refresh and /repost are actual battle.net slash commands. This is not true. Both of these commands are just rumors that in fact do nothing. They do not help the game's latency in any way, or cause your game to be 'reposted'.

Low Latency Setting!

When you are in a game make sure the Latency setting (f5) is kept on Low. A setting of High and Extra High, do not help the game in any way, but actually make the response of your units worse. Do NOT use anything but LOW for the latency setting. I repeat: any other setting besides low causes MORE lag to occur in the game than you are already experiencing.

Some more useful stuff

The official War2BNE faq.
Includes all the new features that were implemented in Warcraft II Battle Net Edition.

Battle.net chat commands.
Learn all of the slash commands...and see for yourself that /refresh and /repost don't exist :).

A latency guide for playing on Battle.net.
What the heck do all those coloured bars mean? Check out this page to learn about latency and lag.

Battle.net's Support Page.
This page contains faq's, software, and hardware concerns regarding Blizzard products. If you have problems installing, logging on, joining games, or anything else...check these pages.

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