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Server.War2.ru ss rules and helpful information

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Server.War2.ru ss rules and helpful information





Tournament Directors:

Just ask, and it can be you!

Warcraft 2 Ladder:


Facebook page:


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Upload screenshot page:


Youtube page:


Tournament page:



Hacking / Cheating
Any form of map hacking, spell hacking, or spoofing is obviously the biggest problem on Warcraft 2. This is the most intolerable part of the game and will be dealt with harshly. Proof of getting caught hacking will be addressed in this post, but we'll start with the punishments first.

1st Offense - You will be banned for 7 days.

2nd Offense - Indefinite Ban. You may well never play on this server again.

Sufficent proof to "catch" a hacker.

If you are playing a game and someone requests a SS from you, you MUST take one and send it to that person after the game. If we hear and have proof that you either denied or didn't send a SS, your account will be banned. For the person requesting the SS, take as many SS's as possible of different proof that you requested a SS. Take a SS of yourself asking for a SS, take a SS of /ping to verify the people in the game. Provide links for administrators upon request. For those of you who don't know about this, typing in /ping in a game shows a true list of who all is in that game. Use this to verify the player list is accurate and nobody is being spoofed. Ultimately, we will deal with the denial or unsent SS's as we see fit.

Abusing Ladder

No free wins. No winning on another player's name.

Chat Rules

No spamming. No bots.

Requesting your account to be reset, or record to be moved

Admins might do this as a favor to you. Don't abuse it or take it for granted.

We will gladly take suggestions and comments for possible changing or adding rules.


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Fast Luck

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Originally posted by Ldir
If you cannot login to game server and cannot open http:\\server.war2.ru
1. Wait 1 hour
2. Send message on this forum.
3. Contact to me AIM - ldirldir, SMS +79202502769, email - ldir@mail.ru
BTW, we use 3 servers. Front-end: server.war2.ru and Back-end: tower.war2.ru and backup: backup.war2.ru

So you able to login to backup server - backup.war2.ru
You need GatawayEditor to add backup.war2.ru in your Gatewaylist (East,West,Russia... etc)

1. download gatawayEditor http://backup.war2.ru/files/GatewayEditor.zip
2. In Strarcraft tab click on Add Gateway

Name - backup.war2.ru
zone - 1
ip - backup.war2.ru
If you are having trouble try editing your gateway from server.war2.ru to

Gateway editor: http://war2.mousetopher.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/BNGatewayEditor.zip

Alternate back-up server (not affiliated with war2.ru), edit gateway to add ip: war2.mousetopher.com
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