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A race!
Here you can see that I've lined up 1 demo squad, and a goblin sapper. Both have the spell 'haste' cast on them as indicated by the icon. So what would you expect from this? One would probably assume that both units would be increased from a speed of 11 to a speed of 13 (haste maxes out at 13 on most units). The second picture tells us a different story. The demo absolutely destroyed the sapper in this little sprint. A full length ahead on such a short track. I wish I could explain this but I cannot. Obviously, there must of been some subtle difference in the way demos and sappers were implemented when the game was made. Useful? Has your ally ever hasted your human demo squad, which added the extra speed needed to win the game? I didn't think so.
Fast dwarves

The sapper actually does increase from speed 11 to 13 just like I predicted (as fast as an ogre). The demo however, increased to speed 17. That is the same speed as a zeppelin!

-Thanks to Guan-Yu


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