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Foc minimap Here's the mini map of Fierce Ocean Combat. You can see where I have my peons all set up to do the 18 peon hop. The hop will go from the bottom left of the little white square found in this picture, to the top right of it.
You can see that I have the peons all set up, and ready to go. The little piece of land that you can see in the top right corner of this picture is where I'll be attempting to send this peon. The peon used is 5 to the right of the one currently selected. Build the shipyard up and right from where he stands. Peons are setup to hop
Yard started Here you can see the shipyard has been started. I shifted the peons over 1 each from the left to the right, to fill the hole. This leaves no place for the peon to return to when the shipyard is cancelled.
The shipyard has now been cancelled, but where the heck did the peon go? I'm sure you all know where he is. The next closest spot that was available was on the other island. Shipyard cancelled
The foc hop Ahhh..there he is. It took 18 peons to hop here. You can hop back the other way as well, but it takes a few more peons. Unfortunately this is not really practical. I've never needed this to win a game, and I doubt anyone ever will. If the trees are chopped out, it takes MANY more peons as well. These are the only 2 islands that you hop to and from on this map. The distance between other islands are too large and end up killing your peon.


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