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A peon brings flameshield into a mine

A peon going into a hall, mine, or mill with a flameshield on him, will cause the flameshield to stay outside the top left corner of the building. Anything touching this flameshield will still take damage. This also applies to anything a peon builds (see the bottom of this page). The flameshield will circle the top left part of the newly constructed building until it finally wears off.

A peon brings flameshield into a hall

To the left, is the result of a peon walking into a town hall with flameshield on. The flameshield can't 'enter' the building like the peon, so it waits by staying outside the top-left area of the hall. The flame DOES continue to cause damage, as you can see by the dead peon, and critter :).

Transports also act like buildings. If a unit, who has flameshield on, walks into a transport, the flameshield will start to circle around the top left area of the transport. If you move the transport from the shore, the circle of flames will stay on shore, and continue to circle where the transport was.

A shipyard building
A peon builds the shipyard
After completion, the flame goes from the yard back onto the peon. Some graphical glitches remain.


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