Case's War2 Clan Ladder

The War2 Clan Ladder
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1Phoenix2475482.06%2.1 days11
2@sian /(illaz1937771.48%0.7 days11
3The IN Clan37716669.43%0.7 days11
4Dark Tangent 46914975.89%0.5 days115
5Lumber Mill /(illaz 1474775.77%0.9 days38
6WarPigs1057757.69%0.5 days51
7Sons of Shagrat24915561.63%0.7 days12
8Mosaic 253045.45%0.6 days8-8
9@ngell }{all182938.30%3.5 days40
10The OUT Klan 844465.62%0.7 days8-5
11Imports25422453.14%0.6 days31
12Azeroth231069.70%0.8 days6-1
13LetHal injEctiOn463358.23%1.8 days61
14AzzKickers322457.14%0.8 days71
15*WUTANGCLAN753468.81%2.0 days12-1
16Agents of Death1253976.22%2.5 days2-1
17Pheonix must die!414547.67%2.8 days143
18Shadow Council342062.96%3.0 days5-3
19Drunken Masterz512368.92%0.7 days161
20Bloody Redrum16672.73%1.9 days101
21Naz'gul12512749.60%0.7 days72
22INcinerate is a fat fuck634260.00%15.2 days20
23The Mystery8280.00%2.6 days181
24Pondering Peons16732933.67%0.7 days5-1
25Brotherhood of War805260.61%0.8 days161
26C4L274636.99%2.5 days111
27Super Models8188.89%3.8 days220
28Undead Persistence20774.07%2.8 days231
29hehehe clan545649.09%2.9 days24-1
30Harmful Skills 7277.78%0.7 days306
31Death2@ll142337.84%0.7 days201
32PiG FarM9469.23%4.6 days220
33Team Sweden792774.53%3.4 days110
34EZ Warriors12570.59%0.6 days262
35Crazed Peonz13572.22%2.0 days331
36zoiDs815957.86%5.0 days90
37StumpS101835.71%0.9 days25-3
38Freaks314242.47%2.9 days8-3
39PyROTIC Fire Dragons141253.85%4.0 days210
40Starship Troopers161061.54%7.8 days210
41Banana Slugs582371.60%5.0 days140
42Asgard Wars 49885.96%1.9 days119
43Death~Awaits~!491972.06%4.1 days60
44Little Innocent Princessez5183.33%1.8 days431
45Canada19011163.12%7.9 days40
46Annihilation8372.73%0.6 days461
47Funny Little Numbers16866.67%3.6 days240
48Skoal Mint Clan241070.59%4.0 days290
49Goblins of GB 23485.19%0.6 days496
50X815559.56%0.8 days5-1
51The Mage Guild413057.75%12.8 days40
52MiLesPerHouR211361.76%19.0 days140
53Sinister162341.03%1.6 days28-1
54Paladins 193535.19%0.7 days37-6
55The Plague 5212030.23%0.6 days14-8
56WFS826755.03%6.8 days80
57Mathematical World Order13210755.23%14.0 days80
58WILLIAM FLOYD SENIORS171258.62%11.0 days240
59FAT201066.67%4.9 days260
60Zephyr994369.72%6.2 days90
61AA483855.81%2.8 days5-1
62Lords of Sweden81142.11%9.9 days460
63dum di dum4357.14%12.5 days410
64Black-Hooded Timberland-Footed Ninjas7370.00%7.7 days530
65Lords of the Round Table6650.00%2.7 days33-1
66War2 Newbies11664.71%0.5 days641
67Bregan D'aerthe10512246.26%4.5 days220
68Annihilation9660.00%0.5 days49-1
69The Reservoir Dogs577742.54%17.1 days340
70Guava Apple Yogurt30100.00%0.9 days651
71Minion Of Death163233.33%20.8 days260
72Lords of Illusions262452.00%1.9 days27-2
73Blistered Peckers81338.10%16.3 days370
74Our team dropped 40 fucking ranks in 2 weeks and our team got fucked up PURGE PURGE PURGE Purge long names are gay i dont know why i am writing all this :)BYE BYE383750.67%16.8 days120
75Wickeds4450.00%3.7 days670
76Happy Junky Jammers622174.70%18.5 days70
77The Dark Warriors10471.43%10.9 days320
78The Mystic Force112332.35%4.6 days490
79Drunk Demons4266.67%10.9 days480
80Kastagir's Pink Bandits1819665.34%3.4 days50
81Mad*Cows4450.00%0.5 days76-3
82TexasBadBoys3350.00%2.9 days751
83*Columbia /(illaz56887.50%3.6 days740
84BooTie HunTerS101050.00%17.5 days330
85Crazy Lunatics8188.89%17.7 days480
86ThE NeWbIeS624657.41%2.8 days44-3
87Scorpions6940.00%3.9 days700
88UNDERTAKERS 2213338.89%15.9 days260
89Tha Dogg Pound657446.76%12.9 days190
90Forsaken Kings6460.00%3.0 days75-1
91NiNJa MoFo's70100.00%18.6 days500
92Black-Hooded Timberland-Footed Ninjas 5645.45%1.0 days71-6
93GB of GOblins221068.75%0.6 days71-1
94Cancer Sticks9375.00%14.9 days530
95UNDERTAKERS 2213338.89%15.9 days260
96Tha Dogg Pound657745.77%0.6 days19-2
97NiNJa MoFo's80100.00%7.0 days500
98Bloody Vagina20100.00%3.0 days961
99Cancer Sticks11664.71%3.9 days530
101Death Row7750.00%10.0 days830
102Generals843570.59%15.5 days10
103Legacy ad Infinitum213140.38%6.6 days560
104Snowstorm11955.00%10.6 days370
105drunkenogres30100.00%20.8 days610
106Black Tooth Grin2166.67%0.9 days106-1
107Apoc3175.00%3.5 days1050
108BencH\/\/ar/\/\eRs2166.67%4.8 days1060
109BackInTheDay40100.00%13.1 days780
110DCT Mill /(illaz21313.33%3.7 days1050
111Fantasy Warriors4833.33%7.8 days1060
112The Crusaders of Fiona Apple2250.00%3.7 days1100
113Zpawn Peons94317.31%20.8 days540
114Squiggly Lines414647.13%9.9 days170
115TheFamily2433.33%11.5 days940
116Brotherhood of MuDD72422.58%0.5 days101-4
117Elkridge Posse3260.00%4.9 days840
118POWER of EXKALIBUR8372.73%3.6 days1160
119The Insane Dwarf Clan5271.43%13.1 days670
120Ogres of the Frozen Tundra4357.14%12.6 days710
121purge2250.00%11.7 days1030
122Wacky3350.00%19.0 days890
123Quest for Glory3350.00%19.0 days940
124XII162836.36%17.6 days500
125SeaUsRock18481.82%5.1 days290
126Minerva5455.56%18.7 days850
127RoS2625.00%3.7 days1270
128]{lan ]{illaz61037.50%7.8 days910
129DWANGO 102330.30%1.6 days112-5
130La Casa de Muerte132633.33%1.6 days70-2
131The Xorcist51623.81%9.8 days620
132Greek SiN6366.67%6.8 days1300
133Aqua Clan42016.67%6.7 days850
134bloodlusted critters17868.00%13.1 days410
135The Krauts164128.07%20.8 days680
136Templars of Chaos1127.69%17.8 days1190
137GRUNTS OF HELL444151.76%0.6 days75-1
138Lethal Erections1156.25%0.6 days128-1
139TwO3827.27%9.9 days1080
140Argghhh!!! Tis a big dick suck it tis! We twas number 4 way back matey an now them frog flippers quit me team! Twas top five we twas!! Methinks we should be getting a purgin! And all ye blubberbuts who write long names are lamers methinks!31516.67%13.7 days1190
141The LOVE Boat8657.14%7.8 days1410
142tokeyo ghetto pussies 72297.30%2.1 days1108
143Team None2218.70%1.0 days117-1
144E}{_Team3633.33%16.5 days1230
145Empires of Darkness3827.27%12.1 days1290
146Bloodlusted Sheep Jugglers1127.69%9.9 days1250
147Dallas@Doom3730.00%16.9 days1400
148Nightmare Creaturez2250.00%5.7 days1480
149Rolling Darkness1137.14%20.5 days1410
150Crack House3350.00%7.2 days1440
151Tribulation Force10662.50%0.7 days145-1
152Lusted Peons20100.00%9.8 days1520
153NaTiOnOfKeWlPeOpLe31913.64%18.9 days1460
154The real agents of DEATH1516.67%4.2 days1520
155Arsonists of Azeroth1516.67%7.8 days1530
156PeonLove2250.00%18.9 days1540
157Lords of the Rings2528.57%9.9 days1550
158Kali Lamers3175.00%3.7 days1580
159The Wu-Tang Clan1109.09%0.6 days159-2
160Demonshire2340.00%5.9 days1600
161Event Horizon20100.00%2.9 days1612
162WHiNeY CLaN3260.00%7.9 days1620
163The Family2166.67%20.9 days1620
164INsideOUT2528.57%17.0 days1630
165Presidents of the US2625.00%9.9 days1650
166The Wolves1614.29%15.8 days1660
167Polar Blitz Clan1146.67%3.2 days1670
168The Odyssey21412.50%3.8 days1680
169Doomsday1325.00%16.6 days1690
170SpellJammer1150.00%16.9 days1700
171}{ellGrunts1150.00%15.9 days1710
172Orcish Hives2250.00%1.8 days172-1
173Whore Daddys10100.00%14.7 days1730
174Maniac Decayers of Death1712.50%13.6 days1740
175Metal Militia1150.00%14.6 days1750
176Knights of the Round Table2340.00%10.5 days1760
177AsS1712.50%2.8 days177-2
178Tidal Wave1516.67%12.5 days1780
179HUMAN BASHERS1325.00%10.8 days1790
180LL clan1195.00%5.0 days1800
181Knights of the Holy Cross10100.00%11.9 days1810
182French Power1150.00%10.2 days1820
183the pain in the ass clan3260.00%9.9 days1830
184PURGE ME NOW!!!1233.33%0.7 days184-2
185thE fEEt mEn2433.33%5.9 days1850
186Immortals1233.33%1.8 days186-1
187East Coast Killaz2250.00%1.9 days187-2
188cases team1233.33%10.0 days1880
189Rollbjörns El och Bygg10100.00%3.8 days1890
190Ku Klux Klan1150.00%10.0 days1900
191Columbia /-/oes1516.67%5.1 days1910
192The Piss Clan10100.00%8.0 days1920
193The BallardZ41225.00%2.1 days187-1
194PestControl1233.33%4.2 days1940
195Dark Shadow 7187.50%2.7 days1956
196Vampire's Lair10100.00%6.8 days1960
197large turd clan1233.33%6.2 days1970
198Porno for Peons1150.00%4.7 days1980
199SoulSurfingCrew10100.00%0.8 days1991
200The Rock2433.33%2.1 days2001
201Alcoholics Anonymous1150.00%2.1 days201-1
202Children of the Lord1150.00%5.9 days2020
203Rage!!!1150.00%2.9 days203-1
204Da Family10100.00%5.7 days2040
205the rza clan1614.29%2.1 days205-1
206Bumrushers1150.00%5.5 days2060
207New World Order1516.67%3.7 days2070
208Total Destruction20100.00%1.8 days2082
209Crusaders of Darkness1150.00%0.7 days209-1
210The Orcish Inquisition1233.33%0.9 days210-1
211Little Innocent Princesses10100.00%4.1 days2110
212Grave Diggers10100.00%2.8 days2121
213TurbO PeonZ1150.00%2.7 days213-1
214*WaR*10100.00%1.1 days2141
215Dork Tangent2166.67%0.7 days215-1
216ThC10100.00%0.8 days2161
217The Addams Family20100.00%0.0 days2172

Unranked Teams(184)
Animal House, jim bob, Blinding Rage, Harem, Crusaders of Lightning, Flying Nuns on Crack, Rock ya up, Taylor Dorm, The Dictators, Clan with Guts, Rising up, The Apocalypse, Noble Knights, Mad DAWGZ, Grants and Grunts, Grunt Rushing Freaks, aaa, BUM RUSH, The Ogre House, BLACK MAGIC, Tyrants of Insanity, Bloodmane, Loveabull Ogres, MaD /(illaz, we, b, c, Dorks, Realm of Shadows, purge us we suck :(, HillBillies, Old Farts, PURGE US!!, U WILL DIE, beaters, GuavaJuice Clan, Rulers of Earth, PLZ DELETE US ! thanks!, The Phats, The TIDAL wave, Killer Freaks, 49ers, hehehe_clan, The Impetuous Posse, The Human Destroyers, We'rePlayin'HumansBABY!, X-Killas, TheCrew, Razing Incorporated, We Can Not Lose, $murfers, MORTAL KOMBAT!, Peon US, /(rustKids, CandyMan's Posse, /(rafty Mofos, Power Rangers, ORC Destroyers, Shadow Warriors, WestSide Drinkers, BOUT-IT!, one legged men, the biznatches, DiLL HoLE, no clan, the troll rapers, Clerks, parents suck, 007, messed up team, the belly dancers, m3, Troopers, Grags, Fighters of all AGES, Dragons of deep spirit, Centaurs of Liå, purge!!!!, Burger Bunch, LazyOgres, Knights spirit, ~CELL~, poo, Wu_Tang, The Dragon Sworn, $uper $onics, Cybermind and Wisperz, a, z, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, Psicanalists, RoS~Clan, wesuck, demure, WU-TANG, Purge plz., SnowMEN, Legion Of Chaos, JerkyBoyz, BlueRhino and ChaosLord, MK4, n, The Big Dogs, The Art Of War, HAROS, Skeletons of Society, sumdumguy! and a puerto rican, sumdumguy and the puerto rican posse, ShogunAssasin, Husaria 3, PURGE US PLEASE, Purge us POR FAVOR, Bloodthirsty Orcs, The Hearts Of Darkness, Clan Bloodmoon, Peons suck, MASS ASSASSINS, Asian Foundation, Dark Knights, HOTdOgS, wekickyoass, 7th Legion , no, Anakim, Dark moose claN, Mass Assassins, SHITSTAINS, fartknockers, dirtballs, Dark Tengents, Azn |(illas, BashBrothers, Strange Elements, The Gods, Dark Crusaders, Dark Crusaders, no2, Maruaders, !~DarkAngels~!, The King and Banzai, Punk~Ass's, Savage Gladiators, People that Kick ASS, Pyro Fighters, Slug, Ugh, The Hounds, Jedi, WOLFPACK, Justlord's Team (this will change), McCloud, Blitzkrieg, THE DRAGONS OF MYTH., *OGRES OF DARKNESS*, Suicidal Peons, 1, LoTuS, want to be added to a group, DKTC, none, SMURFS, Beginning of the End, Blue Orcish Cult, TheHordeClan, Tag Team, OrcSlayers, Fire, Used up, Your Gonna Die, Newbies from Hell, -Hemisphere-, War2 Primadonnas, The Mighty Humans, 7th Legion, DB,