Case's War2 Clan Ladder

The War2 Clan Ladder

1Agents of Creed 1392883.23%0.4 days15
2Agents of Death37512275.45%0.2 days1-1
3*INternational /(illaz1185468.60%0.1 days22
4INternational /(illaz1938070.70%0.4 days21
5The Only Dark Tangent2816581.21%1.0 days14
6Crazy Clerks 1628166.67%0.2 days65
7Suck-u-Dead332953.23%0.7 days6-1
8Canada883372.73%0.4 days6-1
9Guardians1325271.74%0.5 days54
10San Jose Junkies735357.94%0.6 days6-1
11Dark Moose Clan 12911552.87%0.0 days8-5
12Team Sweden 38588.37%0.0 days1112
13Pondering Peons11520535.94%0.9 days72
14Minerva221461.11%0.6 days141
15zoiDs271171.05%0.8 days13-1
16Shadow Council 1462069.70%1.7 days9-1
17Men in Black928751.40%0.9 days104
18KOREA20676.92%0.0 days181
19Moshe's Marauders17612059.46%0.0 days33
20Grunt Rushing Freaks1764579.64%1.5 days1-2
21*Generals*15671.43%0.1 days17-1
22The Crusaders of Fiona Apple1138955.94%3.5 days50
23QUEBEC-SQUAD441969.84%4.7 days80
24The Stormbringers8188.89%0.8 days223
25Shadow Council 218578.26%3.8 days130
26Dark Fear16512856.31%1.7 days61
27Zephyr582966.67%2.0 days91
28Brotherhood of War201458.82%0.6 days16-1
29Imports848948.55%0.7 days54
30HELLAS131644.83%1.8 days26-1
31ASS KICKER563760.22%4.5 days30
32The Mage Guild714362.28%1.1 days16-1
33IZA-Clan201066.67%1.7 days221
34AA351866.04%0.8 days51
35Death Angels14413851.06%1.7 days83
36WarPigs 21872.41%1.1 days295
37Bad Boys26486.67%3.9 days140
38Sons of Shagrat1056860.69%0.1 days3-2
39Ogres Wild182740.00%0.7 days381
40Forrest Gump's Children24777.42%2.7 days193
41Mathematical World Order1037557.87%1.6 days8-2
42BackInTheDay492170.00%6.1 days170
43Skoal Mint Clan15768.18%1.0 days322
44Naz'gul818249.69%0.4 days7-1
45Your A Dead MotherFucker 25196.15%0.6 days3714
46Orcs In Black (OIB) 133228.89%0.8 days27-30
47bloodlusted critters 120100.00%1.4 days4112
48Fruity Chimps17577.27%0.7 days431
49Muppet Babies 11284.62%0.8 days406
50BackDraft261859.09%0.7 days473
51Purge!7653.85%2.0 days38-1
52Humble Gods471674.60%6.2 days140
53Reign of Kaos 253541.67%0.2 days35-24
54SobaKawa171356.67%3.9 days250
55~Crispin's Crusaders90100.00%0.9 days493
56The Plague161847.06%1.7 days29-3
57LifeAfterDeath12192.31%5.7 days270
58Defenders Of ToonTown191950.00%0.6 days54-1
59Playboyz6650.00%2.8 days38-2
60Animales8947.06%3.7 days380
61Peons146218.42%2.1 days53-3
62Knights of the Round Table492863.64%0.8 days183
63TEAM POLAND22775.86%2.7 days51-1
64P Boyz151451.72%4.8 days310
65"THE OUT KLAN"262749.06%4.9 days330
66More Human Than Human14573.68%0.5 days65-1
67SpellJammer11710652.47%10.3 days40
68Warriors816555.48%0.6 days21-3
69Siege213239.62%0.8 days41-4
70The FaT PeoPle FaRM 80100.00%0.1 days688
71darktangent9190.00%2.6 days371
72La Casa de Muerte183335.29%0.9 days712
73les enfants222052.38%16.1 days130
74THE HIVE833968.03%10.8 days190
75three blind mice7277.78%2.0 days57-1
76Knights of Chaos20676.92%0.9 days431
77Legacy ad Infinitum11857.89%0.6 days682
78Reign of Terror6185.71%1.0 days67-1
79Blood Lusted Peons 252748.08%2.6 days36-21
80@War 316332.98%0.9 days43-6
81running men7277.78%10.0 days290
82castrati747649.33%12.0 days220
83Bastards From Hell7187.50%2.0 days541
84The Bunnies121446.15%0.0 days65-1
85Killer Tomatoes454748.91%8.9 days310
86Canadians waiting to be purged because lamers got our password and screwed up our team so we had to rejoin beware the power of the lamers theyre everywhere and theyre getting smarter21018053.85%18.7 days20
87Blood Brothers362163.16%3.9 days350
88Princes Of The Universe724163.72%3.6 days250
89Flamming Hemoroids323547.76%0.5 days46-1
90Blood Keepers151550.00%5.6 days450
91Strap-on Peons18772.00%5.1 days320
92Rampant Chaos72422.58%2.6 days32-3
93purge3442.86%3.5 days790
94Circle Of One7846.67%4.6 days760
95Toxic Peons131350.00%4.6 days480
96The Kings426539.25%2.7 days57-2
97Lords of Illusions423753.16%0.9 days27-2
98WU@WuTangClan 21677.78%1.8 days38-5
99Alpha Omega11664.71%0.5 days993
100SlumLords191261.29%6.3 days360
101Bregan D'aerthe969450.53%6.1 days220
102Husaria II7846.67%0.8 days80-1
103Bloodlusted Sheep Jugglers734064.60%12.6 days50
104Lost Legends101050.00%1.8 days791
105X-Tech24875.00%1.8 days411
106Grunts In Black141548.28%2.9 days902
107this team is not active anymore purge us203337.74%12.2 days350
108Generals ][40100.00%4.7 days860
109Borg71236.84%2.6 days1081
110Unholy Orcish Hordes30100.00%2.3 days1093
111Jamminbottswannakiddninnhommies732475.26%5.7 days60
112Shattered Hand7463.64%8.4 days660
113Clockwork6275.00%0.2 days1131
114The Reservoir Dogs457039.13%1.8 days47-1
115shatter star 13286.67%1.1 days11313
116Avengers512666.23%15.4 days50
117The Smurfs6185.71%3.8 days1040
118TroLLeY CLaN11378.57%4.1 days890
119DaRk SeRvAnTs121642.86%2.8 days73-1
120VENGEANT PALADINS51033.33%0.5 days117-2
121PeonsPain182740.00%17.0 days600
122The Deadly Alliance4266.67%14.6 days750
123Seven Deadly Sins15671.43%8.7 days220
124Orkish Peasant Poachers70100.00%11.5 days870
125French Power3350.00%0.1 days123-3
127Paralyze 90100.00%2.7 days1197
1282 man team5550.00%15.7 days750
129ZoNe12763.16%14.1 days620
130We are suppose to be ranked in the 10-20's if we didn't have our clan f-ed up and get two clans we didnt want... look @ the record to find out why... this clans wacked!!! purge us so we can rejoin...8561.54%15.5 days580
131@Doomtroopers321469.57%0.9 days191
132Bloody Moon Clan387334.23%8.6 days350
133Dark Princes91145.00%15.1 days860
134hehehe clan172837.78%1.0 days121-4
135MPH8947.06%16.1 days830
136Battle Masterz152537.50%0.6 days135-1
137Naz'Gul291047.37%5.9 days1060
138WWW14670.00%13.9 days550
139Plains Of Siberia352459.32%10.5 days80
140The Presidents702573.68%5.9 days200
141CyberWorld Brethren Elite131644.83%5.0 days1100
142Warriors of Wrath13959.09%13.6 days1400
143The Krauts112629.73%0.8 days1231
144Play.Co91047.37%11.8 days880
145GRUNTS OF HELL442167.69%0.8 days751
146TBB91932.14%3.0 days109-4
147Screamers71138.89%1.7 days110-4
148death_and_decay4930.77%3.8 days750
149ThE NiKE ClaN30100.00%1.6 days1453
150The EraSerS4180.00%3.8 days1170
151Dekay133030.23%1.8 days77-2
152Alabama Gang316831.31%1.7 days87-3
153P.G.6366.67%20.7 days790
154Seoul4180.00%9.3 days1210
155Mage Rush11761.11%8.7 days1230
156DIAMONDS518537.50%4.1 days420
157Pumpkins201852.63%18.7 days820
158RedEyes6366.67%18.9 days610
159Calvin and Hobbes102826.32%13.9 days490
160UNDERTAKERS 29852.94%5.9 days880
161WarGodz40100.00%2.9 days1491
162smackers3633.33%9.6 days900
163Human Bashers92031.03%4.9 days1400
164Purge me in the Bunghole4357.14%12.1 days940
165whoop3633.33%12.9 days1270
166MY DIXIE WRECKED222348.89%10.1 days670
167Sirens of Death5550.00%0.1 days154-3
168Da Yo BoYz AnD GiRlz3350.00%1.1 days145-2
169Human Bashers 210662.50%3.0 days1441
170The Crouchin Beavers92824.32%0.6 days47-1
171Gods Of Gold61627.27%1.0 days1691
172|)ragonmaw8657.14%11.1 days1140
173Masters of the Universe5271.43%11.7 days1430
174Stabbing Westward296231.87%1.7 days982
175The Invokers171553.12%4.5 days1420
176War2 Masters30100.00%5.9 days1550
177BloodLust25680.65%4.8 days1400
178Ten Foot Pole5550.00%20.8 days1180
179Burr N' Mac20100.00%8.2 days1560
180Mad Skills30100.00%8.7 days1550
181JEDI Knights3633.33%8.2 days1580
182ThE ArT oF WaR132237.14%2.4 days144-1
183Steel Balls7277.78%19.6 days1210
184Dark Legion5271.43%0.9 days1491
185Zer0's Crew61825.00%3.6 days1290
186WorCats52914.71%19.8 days1040
187Squiggly Lines101050.00%0.8 days108-3
188Raiders of Death20100.00%2.6 days1832
189Speical K6275.00%0.6 days148-1
190Dr@gon ToOth clan 131252.00%0.8 days1509
191Peon Killers3925.00%0.7 days186-2
192Knights of Justice20100.00%5.0 days1780
193CrazyDrug111345.83%20.5 days1130
194Legion of Doom!5550.00%19.7 days1320
195The Demolition Crew41126.67%1.6 days146-4
196Burning Souls4930.77%1.6 days1811
197FF Legends of Kahn7370.00%11.6 days1500
198TJAOVNIEAS21611.11%3.0 days1870
199Cranium Crushers13959.09%-10060300895.4 days1460
200The Dumb Jacks43410.53%10.6 days1680
201Flying Burritos51722.73%4.1 days1870
202purge us cuz we no longer exist3442.86%6.5 days1480
203*PM* (Peon Mafia)60100.00%6.7 days1520
204Intense Freaks2250.00%5.8 days1890
205Los Lobos2340.00%1.7 days190-3
206The Blood Bro's81338.10%3.1 days1630
207Dark Moose Clan II3350.00%17.5 days1580
208Untamed Ogres101540.00%15.6 days1640
209@SK6185.71%0.6 days177-1
210Rum-N-Coke4640.00%19.8 days1680
211LaPlataWarriors32212.00%4.8 days1940
212The Chosen Ones61233.33%20.1 days1130
213Pimps@War81830.77%13.1 days1040
214SiLver DraGons 43827.27%13.5 days1880
215We Suck2918.18%11.9 days1920
216The Sinister 47750.00%0.5 days133-2
217Blistered Peckers2250.00%2.4 days2141
218Dead Men Walking63813.64%8.8 days890
219Audio Adrenaline14382.35%15.6 days1840
220FAG 'R' US1516.67%20.9 days820
221Italian Pimps101638.46%7.9 days2060
222Purge ...3537.50%15.9 days1990
223Warlock52616.13%5.8 days1950
224The moshing Freaks21412.50%9.7 days1930
225Barry Ortega1420.00%2.6 days2221
226IaM40100.00%15.6 days2040
227B.A.D.2433.33%14.8 days2060
228Team Surge103422.73%7.8 days1940
229Captains Of War2250.00%17.0 days1970
230The Macks 31318.75%2.6 days222-5
231The Winless Ones1185.26%8.2 days1910
232Flying Nuns on Crack 3827.27%0.9 days199-5
233Rukers82524.24%2.7 days201-1
234Creators Of War120100.00%19.8 days2020
235J.K. CLAN10190.91%0.7 days235-1
236Winded Peons4930.77%17.1 days1990
237TWiSTeD SouLS9469.23%18.9 days2040
238ėterNal BladeS2166.67%12.8 days2290
239The 69ers2433.33%18.5 days2090
240The Moshing Frieks3442.86%15.2 days2110
241Mystical Warriors1614.29%1.8 days210-1
242Black Wizardz31220.00%7.7 days2110
243Clan Baked31516.67%12.7 days2130
244Brain Washers60100.00%10.1 days2350
245Freaks2340.00%0.8 days222-1
246The Real Killers21412.50%16.7 days2170
247Disciples of Apocalypse1614.29%20.0 days2180
248In My Kitchen2250.00%6.9 days2200
249The Mighty Clan of Oulu2528.57%0.5 days248-2
250Airsick Dragon Riders31516.67%9.3 days2250
251NorthDragon Clan51426.32%6.9 days2280
252Malicious Chimp Brigade3442.86%18.5 days2300
253Italian Pimps22250.00%0.9 days2531
254Dogbert's New Ruling Class3442.86%19.3 days2330
255Darknight Ryders1233.33%19.9 days2350
256Men of War2528.57%12.5 days2380
257Clerks Suck30100.00%4.9 days2390
258Beavis and Butthead1150.00%9.5 days2410
259LoC3537.50%3.9 days2460
260The OUT Klan10100.00%0.6 days2601
261Steel Leader3442.86%10.1 days2520
262Fear20100.00%19.8 days2510
263Ice Breakers1516.67%17.0 days2530
264ReNeGaDe PeOnS3260.00%1.8 days255-1
265Grunts of Steel20100.00%3.1 days2580
266The Devils2625.00%14.0 days2560
267Homies10100.00%2.6 days2621
268Aenima's Porch House Monkeys10100.00%20.5 days2570
269Navy SEALS1325.00%14.8 days2580
270-Straight As An Arrow~>2166.67%0.5 days2702
271Murderin Muppets30100.00%18.5 days2600
272Capital Punishment2166.67%15.8 days2610
273Dwarven Riders1811.11%10.4 days2620
274Crazed Peons1325.00%5.0 days2630
275Xorcism1325.00%5.5 days2640
276Scorpions21313.33%7.7 days2660
277Level 2 Peons10100.00%12.6 days2670
278Bleeding Fist Clan21511.76%1.0 days269-1
279gers1712.50%20.6 days2700
280Purge us!!1712.50%18.7 days2710
281Lysol10100.00%18.7 days2720
282Bloodlusted Peons10100.00%20.1 days2730
283Hell Spawns16672.73%7.1 days2740
284Cannibals1516.67%9.7 days2750
285Stars Of Chaos10100.00%18.9 days2760
286Wasteland Warriors1811.11%7.7 days2770
287The Liedjeux2166.67%6.0 days2780
288The Moron Bros.1614.29%14.9 days2790
289J.K. CLAN (contd.)20100.00%2.0 days2801
290Dragonfire Clan6554.55%6.7 days2810
291ReCeNtLy DeCeAsEd2433.33%3.9 days2820
292The Mooseheads10100.00%0.8 days2921
293Pharos of War10100.00%0.6 days2931
294Cherubs of Justice1811.11%0.5 days294-1
295Orcs In Da Mist1233.33%0.1 days295-1

Unranked Teams(271)
the hunters, Race Car Ya-Yas, Da Men In Black, Titan, Peons_in_Black, Black Horse Clan, Starburst_Clan, Silicon Avatar, Sable Knights Of Destruction, WarCraft_EX, dragons, SN -The Rebirth, Mordor, Rebels of Azeroth, BLAH, Society of Deiveints, No Fear, The oinkmasters, DEAMON1, DarK Sorcerors Of MagiC, Dark-Sorcerors-of- Magic, Dark`Sorcerors of Magic, S.I.N, ~Angelus, Laughing Skull, WE_SUCK, AK Klan, case, tHe wHacKerS, Ogre Rushin Fools, PENIS EATERS FROM MARS, Death and Decay, The Fucks, Death2u, WTC, TeamDeneba, Redneck Ogre Republic, Kooliosis, The A-Team, Fade to Black, cocks is black, WinERS, s, Dark Knight Legion, Downward Spiral, Mages of the drak realm, The GeoCitizans, Lunatic_fringe, THE WORST, Rainbowseeker, The OUT Klan 2, Peasant Heroes, BSH, Ogre_Storm, Brasil Hell, DYNAMITE, pyco peons, joes apartment, Fine Ass Bitches, Brulle, USA, Rogues, Clan Mysterio, Lambchops Playroom, Orcish Immigrents , Morning Wood, DarkSide, BIg Bad Beatle Borgs, SAM MISSLE, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Tides of Darkness, SiLver DraGons, THE CRYPT KEEPERS, Sporks, THE SKATERS, CP, The Tides of Darkness, Hell Rushers, Skull Bashers, War2 Fighters, Deadly Knights, Peon Bashers, Darkness, Clerks, Killers, KIll***, JOJO, Deconstruction, Order Of The Dark Sword, The_Force, Fearsome, Death***, TheMasters, The Imperial Marauders, The Impaled, Polis, The Cocoa Monkeys, Dark Knights, Novuss's Marauders, We Suck Krizz's Dick!!!!!!!!!!!, Dark Force, JAMN, Special K, The Addicts, Dark Moon Clan, Gods of Thunder, Fast Calvins, Argh, Knights of Blagh, Punishers, The Elvin House Of Scribes, YouR MaMa, Ray Crepeau, Nitroglycerin, The Love Machines, Assasin007, Helmzy's Whores, The Firm, Millionare, The Ninjas, Goat Clan, Crimson Tide, Hell Spawns 2, OrcBashers, @Bulldog is a fudge packing S.O.B., The Offspring, ALCOHOLICCA, Dark Exile, Crusaders Of Darkness, Genesis, TerranCastle, DEATH INCORPORATED, INternational /(ingz, DDDDDDDDDDdd, international )|)iggaz, Familjen Bamse, Spastic Sensations, Bunny Rookies, TAK 1 THE CONQUEOR, War Tribe, Anarchy's Horde, BUTTHEADS, Bongrippers, RiverBandit and Tryad's Peons of Death, Buring Flesh Clan, footsoldiers, The Shinning, war dust, wardust, The old men, Tu Madre, Black Death Clan, DEATH*INCORPORATED, DEATHH*WISH (INC), Iga Ninja, TheHordeClan, The Dawgs, ThuggP@ssion, Filco16, War Pack, Denial, Asswhup, Azeroth army, AZEROTH ARMYS, LOAERDERON ARMYS, totaldestroy, Firestarters, DaBloWieUpieDudEs, spawn, Gold Thugs, Pimp Slaping Peons!, Da Dawgs, Pimp Slappin Peons, Slashing , Pimp Slahing Peons, Pimp Slashing Peons, ReCeNtLy DeCeAcEd, mtn troll, Zpawn Peons, Stromgarde Alliance, Peon Bombers, Pimpin Peasents, War Wind, Armageddon, Dragon Clan, the gay guys, Lightning Bolts, Peasant Power, pooh gas, butt munch, The Mages Of War, Mages of War, Tha Killas, Gold Theives, Pimp Slapping Peons, Grunts of blood, ClanBob, Blood Bath, Clan LaMancha-Knight, Clan LaMancha-Knight, We are looking for a win, killed ya, killed ya , terror, M.I.B's, JackOffAlot, BellCore, getTOOKers, CONAIR, TAMS, PURGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, The Borg, PURGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, pycotic peons, destroyers, Netherworld Alliance, Perpetual Cyanogens, Killers Inc., Wizards, gfdgdgdgfd, knights of round the round table, The Long Patrol, KnightsOfTheRoundTable, The Murauders, Chrono Trigger, Marauders, Cool Clan, purge!!!!!!!, The Legend of Poo, Newbies, Burning Blade, AGENTS OF x, the gods of the portal, UnbeatabuLz, PURGE US, g, The Frank Senatras, star wars knights, Bloodythumb, The Compendium, Bloody war killer, Nation of Khanny, La gastrite, The BladeFist Clan, Dark One's, The Order of the Red Steel, The Uncontrallables, The Uncontrollables, Consuming Darkness, Shadow Warriors, Thunder Lords, Gangsta G's, DeathNight, Fury Edge, The Frenzy Dragons, Western Canada Concept, Frosty Weather, Ruthless monks, happy times, sesame street, the Sesame Street Crew, 18Street, Jeff, Rampaging Retards, UsDeAtH tO dA hUmAnS, Nancy Is Oblivious, HITMEN, Knights Of Kaos, SUX, whitecordians, Genocide,