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Tower Priorities
In Warcraft 2 you cannot choose what units or buildings that your towers will attack. Most people are frustrated by this, but it really adds alot of strategy compared to other games that do allow them to target with their towers. By knowing the targetting priority of units and buildings, you can exploit this knowledge and use it for some neat tricks. This page is just going to explain what these priorities are. The following pages will show you how you can use this for offensive and defensive purposes.

Units before buildings
A cannon or guard tower, will attempt to kill any units that are in its range before any buildings. This is an important distinction, so remember this: units before buildings.

The table of priority
Units - Highest Priority to Lowest Buildings - Highest Priority to Lowest
Mage/Death Knight
Demo Squad/Sapper
Archer/Axe Thrower
Flying Machine/Zeppelin
Guard Tower
Cannon Tower
Watch Tower
Town Hall/Great Hall
Mage Tower/Temple of the Damned
Lumber Mill
Stables/Ogre Mound
Church/Alter of Storms
Griffon Aviary/Dragon Roost
Gnomish Inventor/Goblin Alchemist

This means that if you could stick EVERY single unit and building within the range of one tower, than it would shoot at the closest griffon or dragon first, and at any inventors or alchemists last. Of course there has to be an exception. Any type of tower does take priority over a flying machine or zeppelin, but don't worry about it.

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