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The Orc Hotkeys
Here are all the orc hotkeys that are used in the game. The same thing applies here as it did to humans. It is absolutely necessary to know these in order to fast and efficient in this game. Learn them. The units or buildings found inside the brackets are what make use of that specific hotkey.

Orc Land Units Orc Water Units
P - Peon (Great Hall) O - Oil Tanker (Shipyard)
G - Grunt (Barracks) D - Destroyer (Shipyard)
A - Axthrower/Beserker (Barracks) T - Transport (Shipyard)
O - Ogree (Barracks) J - Juggernaut (Shipyard)
C - Catapult (Barracks) G - Giant Turtle (Shipyard)
O - Ogre Mage (Barracks)
Z - Zeppelin (Alchemist)
S - Goblin Sapper (Alchemist)
T - Death Knight (Temple)
D - Dragon (Dragon Roost)

Orc Basic Buildings Orc Advanced Buildings
BH - Greathall (Peon) VS - Shipyard (Peon)
BF - Farm (Peon) VF - Foundry (Peon)
BB - Barracks (Peon) VR - Refinery (Peon)
BS - Blacksmith (Peon) VO - Ogre Mound (Peon)
BL - Lumber Mill (Peon) VA - Alchemist (Peon)
BT - Built Watch Tower (Peon) VT - Temple of the Damned (Peon)
G - Upgrade to Guard Tower (Watch Tower) VL - Alter (Peon)
C - Upgrade to Cannon Tower (Watch Tower) Vd - Dragon Roost (Peon)
BW - Built Wall (Peon) B - Oil Platform (Oil Tanker)
S - Upgrade to Stronghold (Great Hall) F - Upgrade to Fortress (Stronghold)

W - Weapons (Blacksmith) U - Upgrade Axes (Lumber Mill)
H - Shields (Blacksmith) B - Beserker Training (Lumber Mill)
C - Catapult Damage (Blacksmith) S - Beserker Scouting (Lumber Mill)
A - Lighter Axes (Lumber Mill) R - Regeneration (Lumber Mill)
H - Haste (Temple) R - Raise Dead (Temple)
W - Whirlwind (Temple) U - Unholy Armor (Temple)
D - Death and Decay (Temple) M - Ogre Mage Upgrade (Alter)
L - Bloodlust (Alter) R - Runes (Alter)

Casting Spells

C - Death Coil (Death Knight) H - Haste (Death Knight)
R - Raise Dead (Death Knight) W - Whirlwind (Death Knight)
U - Unholy Armor (Death Knight) D - Death and Decay (Death Knight)
B - Bloodlust (Ogre Mage) R - Runes (Ogre Mage)

Unit Commands

M - Move S - Stop
A - Attack P - Patrol
T - Stand Ground R - Repair (Peon only)
H - Harvest (Peon only) B - Basic Structure (Peon only)
V - Advance Structure (Peon only)

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