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How to view the replay of a Warcraft II Battle.net game:

Create a private game (the "replay game") using the settings, War2BNE InSight displays under
"To view this replay, create a private game with these settings":

Map: Select the map, that the recorded game has been played on.
Game Type: Melee (independent of the recorded game's original game type)
Starting Location: Fixed Order (again independant of the recorded game's original starting location)

War2BNE InSight will ignore the Resources and Game Speed you select and use the recorded game's original settings instead, so it doesn't matter, what you choose here.

Proceed to the pre-game chatroom and setup as many computer opponents in the TOPMOST slots as War2BNE InSight displays under "Number of computer opponents". For example: The original game was a 2on2 with 3 watchers. In the "replay game" you setup 6 computer opponents for a total of 7 players with yourself in slot 1 and the 6 computer opponents in slots 2 - 7.

War2BNE InSight will ignore the races you select for yourself and the computer opponents and use the recorded game's original settings instead, so it doesn't matter, what you choose here.

BEFORE you start the game, click "View Replay" (use alt+tab to get out to War2BNE Insight to do this).

If War2BNE InSight successfully prepared Warcraft II BNE for viewing a replay, the dialog "Replay status" saying "Ready to replay the game." will appear, otherwise an error message will pop up.
If no error occurred War2BNE InSight will automatically start replaying the game, as soon as you start the "replay game".

Start the "replay game".

War2BNE InSight will now record your game in the background and the "Replay status" dialog will say "Replaying the game.". If War2BNE InSight fails to replay the game, it stops replaying and displays an error message in the status dialog. It, however, won't "alt-tab" to your desktop.
This might be useful, if you click "View Replay" and back in War2 decide to play a regular game vs others but forget to "Cancel" the replay.

Watch the game.

After the "replay game", if War2BNE InSight successfully replayed it, the status dialog says "Finished game playback.". Click "Close".


- You CAN'T view a replay together with other players in the "replay game". Before you start it, make sure noone is in the game except for you.

- War2BNE InSight CAN'T replay games in singleplayer campaign games, singleplayer custom scenario games, multiplayer direct connect games, multiplayer modem games and multiplayer ipx games.

- The "replay game" has to be a battle.net game.

Notes on replay:

- War2BNE InSight lets you see all units of all players in the game.

- You can freely navigate over the map, just as if you were a watcher in the original game.

- You watch a game from the point of view of one specific player. You basically "are" that player and can select his/her units and buildings to see all the details, such as progressbars (units being trained, buildings being constructed, technologies being researched), the player could see.
Also the top line displays the resources and the "Used Farm Space/Total Farm Space" information of that player.

- To change your point of view simply click on a unit or building of a different player and give War2BNE InSight a second to perform that "context switch" and let you "become" the player you selected. The resources/farmspace line will then update and show the information of that player and you can examine all of his/her units and buildings.

- The minimap tells you the point of view you are watching the game from. The units and buildings of the player you currently are, are displayed in the usual green color.

- At the beginning of a replay you watch the game from the player's point of view, who recorded the game.

- The Quit/Surrender button is disabled. To leave the replay game before it ends, click "Stop replay" in War2BNE InSight. Back [an error occurred while processing this directive]