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Tournament of Champions - Replays
Most of these games were played on the classic Garden of War. Remember to check the game settings with War2Insight when you load the game. It will you all the settings you need in order to view a replay, such as the map, the number of players, fixed order, melee, etc.

Replays range from 17kb to 159kb in size.

Round 1

yah'mon vs ShxPoscow

~Blackangel vs ~Redrum

[24-7]Guan-Yu vs Soccer-ts

(DI)khb vs WCxDead

~Skyangel vs Fox_Zero

Round 2

INcinerate vs xBurntx

[24-7]Guan-Yu vs Tyrus[Fw]

Ywfn. vs Soldier

[DI]khb vs Sha_kri

!!~ShoeMan vs chayliss

~Skyangel vs darksol

yah'mon vs ~Blackangel

Round 3

[24-7]Hornet vs ~Lux

INcinerate vs Champ1on

[DI]khb vs MestUP

yah'mon vs Soth

Ywfn. vs ~Skyangel

Round 4 - Quarter Finals

[24-7]Hornet vs !!~ShoeMan

INcinerate vs ~Skyangel

[DI]khb vs yah'mon

Round 5 - Semi Finals

~Skyangel vs ...Troops - 1

~Skyangel vs ...Troops - 2

~Skyangel vs ...Troops - 3

[24-7]Hornet vs yah'mon - 1

[24-7]Hornet vs yah'mon - 2
Needed Map: nwarena2.pud.

[24-7]Hornet vs yah'mon - 3

Round 6 - Finals

[24-7]Hornet vs ~Skyangel - 1

[24-7]Hornet vs ~Skyangel - 2

[24-7]Hornet vs ~Skyangel - 3

[24-7]Hornet vs ~Skyangel - 4


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