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Pimster's Tournament of Champions - Replays (December 21st 2003)
This incredible tournament was put on and ran by [24-7]Pimster. There were exactly 64 players who showed up at the tournament start time, with (DI)Ash coming out on top. The replays from each round in the tournament are found below. Brackets

Replays range from 12kb to 217kb in size.

Round 1 - GowBNE High Resources

6pac vs LeGenD

SoCxMooSeHeaD vs TightInn

Altzu vs LorDAkIrA

FMAx2 vs DrBlood

KingHillBilly vs SoCxFunK

~ryan vs Dadako

Shadow- vs ~HereTiC~

amsmurf vs GenOcide

TD vs BHC-Hawk

Valkrie vs GodVotesBUSH

Iv@nhoe vs TCxCdN

Round 2 - PosBNE Low Resources

Valkrie vs 6pac

Altzu vs Nex

(DI)Ash vs Shadow-

FMAx2 vs mu_ds

Iv@nhoe vs TD

KingHillBilly vs Ocram-OB

shotgun vs Lobxpaladin

Tyrus vs Gen0cide

yahmon vs GgRm

Ywfn vs -TyCoon-

Round 3 - Maze High Resources

KingHillBilly vs ~ryan

shotgun vs ~ArchAngel

Altzu vs hackersgalore

(DI)Ash vs Gen0cide

htos vs TD

Valkrie vs arrow623

yahmon vs FMAx2

Round 4 - Fierce Ocean Combat Low Resources

Altzu vs (DI)Ash

FMAx2 vs shotgun

KingHillBilly vs [eS]MaGe

Valkrie vs htos

Round 5 - Bridge to Bridge Combat Medium Resources

(DI)Ash vs Valkrie

KingHillBilly vs FMAx2

Round 6 - Finals (Best of 3)

(DI)Ash vs FMAx2 - 1

(DI)Ash vs FMAx2 - 2

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