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I never lost any of the screenshots I took on my older computers. But, because I no longer use those computers (finally have MY own) I grabbed a whole bunch of cool screenshots off of them so I was wasting any hard drive space on the old pc's. This is just a bunch of screenshots from many different years of playing Warcraft 2.

Me and Kith-Kanin got an idea after winning one game along time ago on Kali, to group all of our units and to unally each other at the same time. What happened was unexpected to say the least. The first screenshot is the before, and the second is the after, obviously :). This 'after' screenshot is exactly what Kith saw on his monitor as well.
Check out how the 'new' tileset even shows up on the minimap. The game didn't completely crash, and you could still play the game perfectly fine. When we finally did 'ally victory' it crashed both of our computers before we even got to see the game statistics.

What happens if we unally?

Uh Oh

Kali Elitism at it's best Off to the right here you can see an interesting little conversation I had with [R]Nall. There are a few important points you can pick up from this screenshot. Important stuff like, if you build offensive buildings, then you aren't allowed to offer advice. You can also see the new way to spell the word 'solicited'.

You can't even make fun of this because it's already ridiculously stupid. I love the last sentence there. Gee, I did come from Kali with more than 5 years experience, but my advice wasn't solited :(. And you wonder how Kali gets a bad name? I can't even comprehend how a person can become so ignorant.

By the way, his 'Knight rush' consisted of going Keep with 3 peons. He was at 12 (top mid) on regular Garden of War. My ally was at 2.

We've all been owned several times while playing this game. It just happens. Sometimes you get doubled, or just play bad, or whatever. Well I took ownage to a new level. Not only did I not get a kill, but the damn lag made it so I didn't even get my starting peon. The game launched, and I was looking at the unexplored blackness at 2, on Garden of War. Two seconds later I had this screen in my face :).

No units?

I have seen alot of strange things with this game. I really have. Here is a screenshot of the stats against the computer on mutton.pud. I was just killing all the critters to see how many there were for Tillerman's old War2 Quiz. So what the heck is this? The computer not only did the lumber bug (old version of War2), but they did it on a map where there is no lumber.

Where did that come from?

ummmm, ok...

I can't even explain this one. This is mid left on High Seas Combat. This was before I even built my first Town Hall.

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