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I often get asked what my favorite movies are, but I really didn't give it much thought until a couple of months ago. Here is a list of my favorite movies. If you want to comment on my list, or send your favorites (or least favorites) then mail me.

My Favorite Movies

The Matrix - One of the most unique plots that I will ever see. The effects were incredible, and the movie was entertaining throughout. Most people loved this movie.

Fight Club - From people I've talked to, this movie seems to be hit or miss. I loved it. The cinematics were incredible, and it carried a strong message with it. Also has another killer plot twist that you don't expect.

Terminator 2 - This movie was way ahead of its time. This movie is a classic. Incredible special effects (even by today's standards), and action throughout.

Gladiator - If I had to pick an absolute favorite movie, then it would probably be a toss up between this one and The Matrix. This movie captures the idea of 'sweet revenge' to its fullest.

Saving Private Ryan - I'm usually not a big fan of War movies, but this one stands above the rest. The battle scenes are the best fighting sequences I have seen. I know a movie will never capture the horror of war, but this movie does more justice to it, than any others.

Star Wars (all 3 originals) - Do I even have to put this here? These were released over 20 years ago, but are still some of the best movies around. These are so far out of their league, that it should just be assumed to be someones favorite.

Honorable Mentions

Willow - A movie made today with a plot like this would be wicked. This movie is a touch old, so the special effects aren't the greatest, but it is still an awesome show.

Shrek - The best animation movie I've seen to date (mid 2002). Graphically stunning, and well written.

Last of the Mohicans - Another older, and long movie that has the best ending I have ever seen.

Sixth Sense - I didn't get to see this film until a couple of months after it was released on video tape. Luckily for me, no one had ruined the plot. I didn't see the surprise end coming at all. A good movie all round.

Mulholland Drive - If you ever want a movie to kick your brains ass, this is it. An infinite number of ways to interpret this movie, which will make you want to watch it again.

What Lies Beneath - All the horror movies I have seen suck. I can't explain it, they just aren't that scary. For me, this movie is my idea of a good horror movie. Definately my favorite in the horror category.

Jurassic Park - I'll probably take some heat for putting this here. The fact remains that when I saw this in the theater, the special effects were the best around. The plot was interesting, so it's good enough for this list.

Wayne's World - When I first starting thinking about my favorite movies, I found it strange that none were comedies. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that there are very few comedies I actually like. Wayne's World is one of the better comedies I have seen, and also has the best re-watching value.

Space Balls - I was reminded of this, after I had finished this rant. This is an awesome spoof movie that makes fun of Star Wars. One of the best comedies out there.

For the most part, I dislike older movies (Casablanca, Vertigo, etc). I also think Ebert is far too old and should retire. All of his 4 star movies are old, and I hardly ever agree with what he thinks anymore.

Update: Almost everyone who has emailed me has suggested I put the movie Braveheart in. Obviously it's a popular one but I didn't enjoy it enough to have it make my list.

Tell me what yours are.

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