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Mario Kart 1 - a Gaming Classic
I used to play this game alot. The first time I rented this game, I stayed up the entire night with 2 friends and just played in non-stop. I know of a few Warcraft 2 players that played this game religiously as well. I don't play it anymore, and the game is so old, some of my times got erased, so I figured I'd stick up my times on here just so you can see if I had any talent, or completely sucked :).

Some of these times are not the best in the world, and have been beaten. Some other ones are very very fast, and can compete with the fastest ones out there. Also note that there were 2 versions of this game. The speeds were a little bit different in the implementation, making times on one, a little faster than times on the other. I will look into this because I cannot recall off the top of my head, where and what the differences were. So here they are.

Course Name Course Time Fastest Lap
Mario Circuit 1 1:02:31 12'32
Donut Plains 1 1:28:85 17'18
Ghost Valley 1 1:08:42 13'59
Bowser Castle 1 1:38:70 19'51
Mario Circuit 2 Got Erased Got Erased
Choco Island 1 Got Erased Got Erased
Ghost Valley 2 1:08:70 13'46
Donut Plains 2 1:41:80 19'99
Bowser Castle 2 1:55:76 22'87
Mario Circuit 3 Got Erased Got Erased
Koopa Beach 1 0:58:58 11'27
Choco Island 2 1:18:31 15'44
Vanilla Lake 1 0:55:79 10'55
Bowser Castle 2 1:42:93 20'11
Mario Circuit 4 1:52:33 22'07
Donut Plains 3 1:34:07 18'61
Koopa Beach 2 1:05:52 12'85
Ghost Valley 3 1:27:38 17'25
Vanilla Lake 2 0:56:48 10'98
Rainbow Road 1:35:28 18'65

Doesn't that bring back some memories? I bet it makes you want to go play the game right now.

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