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Map selection in Warcraft 2 today

Wait a sec. I said....map selection? Hahaha.

I'm going to make this short and sweet. I've learned over the last 5 years that nothing I say on this subject is going to change anything, but at least here I can voice my opinion.

I'm sure all of you already know what I'm going to argue against. Why the hell does everyone play Garden of War, and then some more Garden of War, and then some more, and more, and more. Everyone has played it so much now that you know every little crack, and path on the map. I bet most of you who read this, build EXACTLY the same at each spot. It's ridiculous, and it seriously makes me question whether you play this game for enjoyment, or simply because you are in a habit of it, and are addicted to it.

This game is about having fun right? This is just a game after all. Sure there are tournaments, and it's nice to win, but no one has gotten rich off the game. I've never seen a tournament for this game where money was given out. So what the hell are you people doing? Is it really that hard to try out some new maps? Are you afraid you are going to suck? TRUST ME, if someone laughs at you because you aren't as good on another map, then they are the one with problems. And, if that actually bothers you, I SERIOUSLY suggest you try quitting this game, and go try to find yourself a life. There are far better things to do in this world, and if you aren't enjoying it, then why not try something else?

Then we have the "Ohhhh but Garden of War is sooo much better than anything else out there". Unfortunately, no matter how good a map is in any game, it gets old after playing it a few thousand times. I've probably played the map over 5,000 times, and I try to avoid playing it whenever possible. There are A LOT of good maps out there. How many of you have even tried the new Battle.Net Edition maps? Rose Petal BNE is an awesome map, and most of you have probably never even looked at it. I even go out of my way to not play with players who have no map selection. That's why I can at least respect players like Kith-Kanin, Pestilence, Orkinman, StormShadow, and SC~Shinta. They try different maps, and they aren't afraid of it. They don't care if they lose. They are just there to have fun.

It really amazes me. It really does. I seriously think that most of you play this game out of addiction, and not for the enjoyment of it. Try taking a step back, and seeing a bigger picture. Does it really matter if you lose a game? Does this game actually make you angry when you lose? Trying a new map just might let you have some fun with the game once again.

Garden of War does make for some interesting 2 on 2 high resource games. I'm not ignorant, and I do realize this. But it's been played too much my friends...too much. I sure hope you people enjoy it, but I have my doubts.

Hey, didn't you build at 12 exactly like that last game?

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