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Map of the Week

Preface - Click here if you have never been here before, or have any questions regarding the map of the week.

Make sure you check out the 25 maps Mean Jean929 sent me.
Nedro also sent me about 30 maps. Check out this page for more info.

Have an original map you want me to take a look at? Send it in. I'd love to see it.

This Weeks Map - May 18th, 2002

gold is the key.pud Author: Don't seem to have the email, who's is this?
Map Name: Gold is the Key
Map Size: 64x64
# of Players: 2
Map Information: A very cool 1 on 1 map. There are lots of different options from a strategic standpoint, and not much gold in the mines. If you can play someone of equal skill on this map you will be in for a very fun game.
Download now [35k]

Previous Maps

kpr.pud Author: Nedro
Map Name: KPR
Map Size: 96x96
# of Players: 7
Map Information: An unbalanced land map that works. The different features of the map, and starting spots make each game played on here a little different from the previous one. This map has a little bit of a Garden of War feel to it. Make sure you try out this map a few times in team games.
Download now [70k]

solar.pud Author: Email was erased! Let me know if you know the author!
Map Name: Solar
Map Size: 128x128
# of Players: 8
Map Information: This is your typical big game ground war. 65000 in your starting mine, with an easy wallin, makes for a pretty big game each time. The trails to get from one starting position to another are pretty narrow so a few wizards are death knights can really tear it up.
Download now [118k]

OneMine.pud Author: Unknown - Revisions by Axolotl and SC~Shinta
Map Name: OnemineRevised
Map Size: 32x32
# of Players: 2
Map Information: A very interesting 1 on 1 map that allows for a variety of outcomes. This map is truly unique because of the 2 cannon towers you get with your starting peon (make sure your units are kept on map default). The game becomes an interesting war where both of you are mining the same mine at the same time. I've even had catapult wars where our cats end up right next to each other in order to avoid the enemy fire. A very strategical map. The first file is the 2 player version. The 2nd file is a 4 player version I made which isn't as fun, but is definately interesting for a few games.
Download now [13.7k]
Download the 4 player version now [13.7k]

stripes2.pud Author: QUI LE
Map Name: stripes2
Map Size: 128x128
# of Players: 4
Map Information: Keeping the units on map default will give you 2 peons to start out with. Also, I recommend that you play this map on low, medium, or high resources and not on map default (you start with too much). The layout of this map will makes for some interesting stand-offs. This is one of the rare maps where sappers are necessary almost every game.
Download now [118k]

ez5fixed.pud Author: *$@W*DK_Strider
Map Name: ez5fixed
Map Size: 128x128
# of Players: 6
Map Information: This is one of the original big game type of maps that was created for this game. In my opinion this one is also the most fun to play. Make sure you keep the units and resources on map default. You will NOT be able to build any grifs or drags because of the lack of oil. If you can get 6 good players together, this will be one of the most intense maps that you will ever play.
Download now [121k]

Watrmz16.pud Author: *Cnight*
Map Name: Watrmz16
Map Size: 128x128
# of Players: 6
Map Information: So you want to practise multi-tasking? This water map is hell. You have to be fast, all over the map if you want to keep up here. A team game has several options strategically speaking, and is usually decided pretty quick. If you are going to play this 1 on 1 against someone of equal skill, you better get ready to play. You will be in for a huge game using every unit available.
Download now [119k]

Tricky.pud Author: Genocider (sent by Cykel, thanks!)
Map Name: Tricky
Map Size: 128x128
# of Players: 4
Map Information: I think the name of this map tells it all. This is one heck of a unique map in which you have to be on your toes from the start. Make sure you keep the units on 'map default' and have 4 players. You will start 1 peon, and 1 unrepairable farm each. Different ways to chop through, and peon hop make this map fun to play.
Download now [118k]

Instant Action II.pud Author: Arch_wraith
Map Name: Instant Action II BNE
Map Size: 32x32
# of Players: 4
Map Information: This is a variation on the scenario map that was released with War2BNE, called Instant Action. The original is very limiting because you only get sappers and demos to work with. With this version, you are given everything you need to build footies, archers, and cats. This map has an infinite number of possibilities (only size 32x32 too) and is great for practising your micro-management. Make sure you keep all the settings on map default.
Download now [14k]

Gow Azn.pud Author: ~Har$h
Map Name: Gow Azn
Map Size: 128x128
# of Players: 6
Map Information: A land map that has some interesting possibilities. I suggest you try to get 6 people together and play it on fixed order. Being able to setup ogres on the fly will really pay off on here, with all of those paths around. Try it out.
Download now [118k]

Terrain.pud Author: Kith-Kanin
Map Name: Terrain
Map Size: 128x128
# of Players: 6
Map Information: Make sure that you have the units, and your race on map default. You will start as human, but will rescue an orc peon right away, giving you both races.
Download now [118k]