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Classic Maps

A Continent to Explore
Players : 8
Size : 128x128
Starting Mines: 40,000. Middle starting spot is 70,000.
You'll run into the odd game hosted on here. This map is a rush fest. Almost all of the mines on the map cannot be walled in. You can setup choke points along treelines, or shorelines, to create a pretty solid defense. Do not try 2 hall rushing. The only spot you could possibly 2 hall to is the island in the bottom left of the map. You can hop to it using 2 peons, and it usually won't be found. Some spots like top right, can be used for a quick 1 cat defense, 1 hall power. No matter where you are though, make sure you are planning ahead for those grunts. They will be coming in 95% of the games you play on here.

Bridge to Bridge Combat
Players : 8
Size : 128x128
Starting Mines: 40,000
One of the most popular land maps. There's is alot that can be done on this map. You MUST know this map well, in order to play it well. A lot of people avoid this map because the AI for your units cannot handle the maze-like features. Rushing is alright, as long as the enemy isn't in the opposite corner. Two hall rushing works off and on, but is one of the maps where you can get away with it in team games. A 1 hall power is pretty safe, but your mine is small, so you need to get your expansion as soon as you can...especially if you went fort off of 1 mine. If you try 2 halling, I suggest you take the next closest starting spot to you. The expansion mines cannot be walled for the most part. Also, it is better to have a middle mine to expand to when your first mine runs dry. Just make sure you know the map well, and keep the map well scouted.

Critter Attack
Players : 3
Size : 96x96
Starting Mines: 30,000
You will probably never play this map, even though it is actually a decent one. It seems that whoever made this map way back in the day actually knew what they were doing. As a 3 player free for all, it is no fun. Everyone will just sit back. As a 1 on 1 map though it is very interesting. Both of you have to fight for the third isle. You only have 50,000 gold in total on your starting isle so you have to contain, kill, or outpower your enemy in order to get it. I suggest either, jugging to take him off of the sea and slowly working away at his main, or taking the expansion back from him if he took it. If you do go for the early expansion make sure you protect it. You could also try to power with what you have on your starting isle, and catch him with some ogres. Not a bad map.

Cross the Streams
Players : 2
Size : 64x64
Starting Mines: 40,000
A map that is mostly used by players to get an easy win (a pet map). On low resources you have to jugg, or do a quick tower/rush job. On high you have a few more options, but juggs will still rule the map. A 40k gold mine is enough to get castle and some mages if you need to take back the sea. You can wallin at both bases, so make sure you're looking to defend against a rush. Juggs will win it most of the time though.

Players : 8
Size : 128x128
Starting Mines: 40,000. Bottom middle has 20,000
This map is a mess. Bottom right cannot build his hall anywhere close to his mine, and therefore must move to keep up. Bottom middle has a tiny mine compared to all of the other starting spots. Mid left has to back up the hall up a little as well to make it fit. Just avoid this map. It is terrible. If you do get stuck in a game, or try it out for yourself, rushing usually works. Most spots cannot wall in effectively.

Death in the Middle
Players : 4
Size : 96x96
Starting Mines: 60,000. Bottom right has 40,000
This map is played a little. It is mostly played when people get sick of other land maps. Bottom right has 40,000 because you are forced to move to your expansion mine right away. You cannot build your hall anywhere close, so make sure you walk up instead of down. The 3 other players just walk towards the closest corner of the map to find their mine. Your only 2 choices are to rush, or 1 hall power. None of the spots can take their second mine immediately and keep it safe. If you know your starting spot well enough, it can be walled effectively for a 1 hall power. You will find that you will win most of your games with that.

Fierce Ocean Combat
Players : 8
Size : 128x128
Starting Mines: 50,000
The second most popular water map after High Seas Combat. This is one of the best maps that has been made for Warcraft 2. Some spots are juggable, while others aren't. Some spots are easily defended while others are incredibly difficult. Top right can build the shipyard and foundry behind is island, and have safe transports. Two oil patches per island, allowing you to hide your shipyards on the backside. You can also steal oil in certain circumstances. There is alot that can be done on this map to win, which is why this map continues to be popular. Jugging, rushing, quick expanding, 1 hall power...everything can work to win games. I believe that this map is more fun on low resources, than on high. Make sure you take an expansion before your starting mine runs out.

Garden of War
Players : 8
Size : 128x128
Starting Mines: 60,000. Top left has 65,000
This is Garden of War. If you haven't played it yet, you will be sick of it in a week. This is by FAR the most played and over-played map in existence. If you want to learn this map, go read the entire strategy section (except for water strategy). This map requires it all. You will learn this map far better than I could ever explain it to you on a page.

Gold Mines
Players : 5
Size : 96x96
Starting Mines: 10,000. Bottom middle has 15,000
Another map that is really messed up. Bottom right should move to bottom middle unless you are planning to win the game off of 10,000 gold. Bottom left has alot of gold around, but no wood. Top left should move below him on high resources, but stay on low. What works? Grunt rushing or peon rushing. It is impossible to defend on this map, and in a competitive game, you will not have the resources to build another hall (forcing you to mine long distance). Not a very good map. Just repair buildings like mad, and win with the resources you are given.

Gold Seperates East From West
Players : 6
Size : 96x96
Starting Mines: 35,000
One of the more played land maps, and probably the most played 96x96 land map. The starting spots are almost fair. Bottom middle, and top middle, have a harder time trying to defend. Top middle, and top right can both be offensive towered (to hit the peon line) so watch your back. Two halling or two-hall rushing are out of the question. Games are won and lost with heavy rushing, or 1 hall powering. Offensive towering will sometimes work because the starting spots are so close. Do not try to lust rush on here. If you are powering, stay at keep and get those ogres ready for the onslaught of grunts and cats.

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