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Battle Net Edition Maps

Gold Rush
Players : 4
Size : 64x64
Starting Mines: 2,500 (13 of them)
An unique map that I suggest you try out a few times. Make sure you mine out your mines in the corner FIRST, so you can quickly get to the middle. If you beat your enemies to the middle, you can build a tower that will force them to get a catapult. Make sure you keep your peons moving from one mine to the next when they finish off a one. Chop towads the middle mine encased by trees as soon as you can. If you can keep the enemy in their starting corner then you will win. If the battle starts escalating in the middle (you both chopped out), then devote everything you have to land power.

Great White North
Players : 4
Size : 96x96
Starting Mines: 60,000
One of the more popular BNE maps, and for good reason. This is a cool 2 on 2 or ffa map. Only 3 expansion mines are available so you usually end up in battles to secure one. Your starting mines are pretty big (60k) so you have alot to work with. Rushing, powering, and sometimes 2 halling can all work well. Make sure you know where to wall in so you can defend easily. You don't want to wall out too far and have to run back and forth to defend both entrances.

Players : 4
Size : 96x96
Starting Mines: 85,000
This map seems to be hosted alot by new players, although I don't know why it gets chosen. This map is won with juggs, and some land power. You can't build a hall on the middle island (or even wall it in effectively) so if someone tries to start chopping there to clear room, just land a transport of grunt or ogres to take it out. Your mines are huge for how much wood, and building space you have, so juggs end up limiting the building room for all starting locations.

Players : 4
Size : 64x64
Starting Mines: 80,000
An interesting map for a few games, but each game ends up being very similar. The only units you will need are a whole lot of mages, a couple of zeppelins and a bunch of sappers. Humans seem to be the better choice on maps like these, and this one is no exception. Blizzard, polymorph and exorcism will be a major pain for any orc player. Yon don't have to sap through the rocks to win. Just use a few sappers to get closer to the enemy, and have it with spells.

More Precious Than Gold
Players : 4
Size : 96x96
Starting Mines: 57,500
An interesting idea for a map, but it was made wrong. Do NOT try to get any lumber from the middle. Building a shipyard, foundry, transport, and not being able to fit a mill on the middle island all add up to 'pointless'. Just use a low peon, heavy rush. There isn't enough wood for any type of safe power, so build as many high level grunts as you can.

Mud in Your Eye
Players : 8
Size : 128x128
Starting Mines: 75,000
The second most popular BNE map. Big starting mines and narrow trails always make it hard to spend your resources effectively. Rushing usually doesn't work. One hall powering, or 2 halling your 1 mine seem to be the best. Chop towards the closest expansion from the beginning. Mages or death knights rule on this map because of the narrow passage ways. A few zeppelins are all you need to keep track of important positions.

Murky River
Players : 2
Size : 64x64
Starting Mines: 50,000
Big mines again, for how much building room you are given. This map is hardly ever played, but if you do run across it, a low peon, 1 hall power seems to work best. You could even try not building a mill. Just get to keep, and pump lots of high level ogres. If you need to get through his wallin, quickly get a sapper. There isn't much wood, so you will never get a huge supply of resources coming in. A game played on here should never go long enough to need an expansion mine.

Rose Petal
Players : 6
Size : 128x128
Starting Mines: 40,000
A cool map. One of my favourite BNE maps. Rushing is hit and miss. Sometimes the enemies end up being too far away to be effective. Two halling also is like that. If you 2 hall you have a large area to defend, but it is possible. Make sure you chop into, and control the middle area. If you can keep the middle area of the map for yourself, you can blizzard any of the starting spots. It only takes a few more chops to chop into one of these starting spots, so it is a good place to operate from. Make sure any wallins you use can be easily chopped out. You never seem to know which way you will have to send units around the circle.

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