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When Warcraft 2 , Battle Net Edition was released, Blizzard said that they would continue to release bonus maps for everyone to download. After 2 years, there have been exactly 3 bonus maps. A pretty slow rate to say the least. Blizzard's problem is that they have so many popular online games that they don't have time to worry about the older ones (like War2).

My goal is to fill the gap that Blizzard leaves by not releasing these new maps to keep the game interesting for alot of players.

Rarely will I make my own map to put on this site. This means that I rely on the visitors of this page to submit maps to me. I'll review the map and put up a new one to download each week. I'll give the person who submitted the map full credit, and that map will remain on my page forever in the map of the week archive.

I do not have any rules about what type of map you send in EXCEPT that it has to be a multi-player map. As long as the map is fair, and fun, then it is good enough to be on this page (yes, including castle/bgh maps).

Send it in!

Just mail the map to me at


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