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Mean Jean929's Maps

Here you will find 25 maps made by a player named Mean Jean929. The following is a small description of each map as it was sent to me exactly in the email. Enjoy
Download them now.

The Email from Mean Jean929

1) D&D RPG : Player 1 is the dungeon master and the others must defeat him. Keep it on map settings and player 1 shouldn't cheat and send all people at once. Keep em wher they are. Suggested 8 players. All allie except player 1.

2) D&D RPG (comp version) : Player 1 is now a comp. Same as above.

3) Daemon: Suggested 4 players. Kill the daemon (no poly allowed). Allie all.

4) Dark Portal RPG!!! Suggested 4 players (do-able as 1). Allie all. Try and not use poly in the end to make it challenging.

5) Diablo: Suggested 5 players. Allie all. Share heroes. Good luck.

6) Forest Trails RPG!!!: Best with 4 people. Allie all. Share rescue buildings evenly or else.

7) Jail: Tough one. Allie all. Suggested 4 players. Bust your mages out and then go and rescue your heroe.

8) Siege: Allie all. Suggested 4 players. I don't know if this one is beatable, but build quickly and fight wisely.

Strategy Maps:

9) Isles of Snow: A lot of oil, but try your best. Up to 6 people.

10) X : Hehe. Have fun and experiment. Up to 4 people.

11) 2X: Up to 2 people, but bigger version with a new feature.

12) 929 : 5 people. WHo will get the middle first? Might be slightly unbalanced.

13) A land before time : 3 people. I like the map and how it turned out. Try it. Maybe together?

14) Dirt Mountain: 2 people strategic war. Pretty good if I may say so.

15) Great White North 929 : Slight modifications from the Great White North BNE map. 4 peeps.

16) 2X(2) : X and 2X mixed and with team situations. Up to 8 people. Teams are those on the same island.

Fun maps:

17) 4 people death: Wicked chaos. Fun to watch and actually involves strategy near the end. I have a 8 people version, but getting 8 people together is hard.

18) Blind Maze : Up to 8 people. Go around controlling a blind army. Fun if played right.

19) Peon Olympics : Mind challenging. Just don't kill each others peons. Player 1 is moderator. Up to 4 peeps.
Rules: Maze. Transport to mill. Chop. Blow through. Mine and build. Send to bottom. Destroy a portal. Destroy stone across water. First one to do so wins. All allie red.

20) Seals: FInd a gold mine quickly. Seals stop rushes. Hehe. 8 people max.

Small Maps:

21) 32 by 32 FFA : Name says it all. 8 peeps max.

22) 8 people in the center : Same as above but more organized.

23) Cram it!!! : Crammed. 8 peeps.

24) Team 32 by 32: Work with your neighbor. Up to 8 people.

25) Too close for confort: Real strategy and also 4 people only.

That's it. Hope you enjoy most of em. They're all made by me (execept GWN 929, which I modified slightly.)

Most strategy maps were made for my tournament and I only included my good maps.
Mean Jean929

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