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What the? Warcraft II? Wasn't that for the atari?

Most people think I'm crazy to do a page on a game that's so old, but that's exactly why I'm doing this. First off, this is a game I know inside-out. Before I'm finished playing this game for good, I might as well do a web page on what I've learned. I know so much about this game that I have to get it out of my head before I go insane.

Secondly, there have been no new, complete strategy guides for...heck I don't even know anymore because it's been so long. Other pages have strategy sections, but they aren't very complete, and never seem to be worked on. It's something I don't quite understand. So many good players around these days, and none of them bothered to do a current strategy guide. Since I know I'll be playing this game casually for several more years still, I might as well do one.

I also notice that most War2 pages that are still updated, are slowly, and will become mainly Warcraft 3 orientated. This page will never be about Warcraft 3. I'm going to keep working on this in an attempt to make it a 'complete' War2 page. If War3 has the same addictive-ness factor that War2 has than I will do a seperate page for that, but this page is purely for Warcraft 2.

As this game gets older, the 'elite' players seem to become more seperated from the new players. This is due to many factors. Battle has been so unstable, a bunch of players decided to start their own server. This was a bad idea to start with and I never, and still don't support this. This left the new players on battle.net and all of the 'elite' on the private servers. Also, most players who have played this game for so long develop some kind of kali/clan [24-7] 'elite' attitude. None of the players who have played this game from the start are willing to help new players out. So now what we have, is the biggest gap in War2's history, between the best and the worst players. With this page I hope to narrow, or even bridge this gap.

Update - May 2002
This page has done better than I ever imagined. The forums caught on like wildfire, and this page is one of only two active War2 (English) pages left today. I'm still working on everything, and hope to have a very complete page by the end of summer. My goal is to eventually have the War2 page that people will find when they are remembering the good old times they had with Warcraft 2.

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