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Warcraft II

Can I play you / ally you sometime? - Yes. Just find me on Kali or Battle.net and I'll glady ally or play you if I am not busy. When I am playing 2 on 2 games with an ally (usually Kith-Kanin or Pestilence) I will turn you down for a game, unless you are going to play against us 2 on 2.

When we play, can we play my map/this map/some strange map? Sure...I'll play any map as long as it's not completely unfair.

Can I watch you play? - Yes. I don't care who or how many people watch as long as it doesn't lag the game up too bad. Alot of good players don't like watchers, but me and most of my regular allies don't mind.

Can you train/teach me? - Yes...but because this takes a little longer than just playing a game, I find it harder to find time to do this. Just keep asking and I'm sure I will have time sometime.

What's your favourite map? - There are many that I like, but I'd probably go with maze for land, and fierce ocean combat for water.

What's your least favourite map? - There are alot of maps that are so bad they are unplayable, but friends.pud would probably be my least favourite out of maps that are played alot.

You don't answer me, or have /dnd on. What's up? - Check this. Sometimes I am just very busy. In that screenshot you can see that I had left the channel for sanity's sake.

When are you usually on? What servers or channels do you go to? - I am usually not on during the day. Some nights out of the week I will be on Battle Net. I don't play on any private servers that are hosted by whoever. I just stick to Battle Net servers. Most of the time I will be in channel 'clan [24-7]', or 'axo'. If you are looking for me, it could be anywhere from 8pm est to 2am est.

Are you the Axolotl who won ironman? - Yes

This Web Page

Can I be on the page staff? - Probably not. The only people I will allow to work on this page are players I have known for along time. If you are one of them, drop me a line, or find me on Kali.

Can I just help out with the QOTD or the Spot of the Day? - Same as above.

Can I submit my own maps/strategy/suggestions/questions/bugs? - Yes! I want to see them. Please do. If I use your ideas on the page you will be given full credit.

What do you use for your html / graphics? - Notepad and photoshop 6.0.

How long will you work on this page for? - Very long. I've played War2 for a long time and will for several more years.


Do you really know Kith-Kanin in real life? - Yes. For over 15 years now.

How about Pest, Hades, Chief...those guys from your old Kali team? - Yes, I know them all. Three people off of that team go to the same university as myself.

How old are you? What do you do? Where do you live? etc. - Read this for those answers.

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