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I have met alot of players online, and as such, could not possibly include them all. Sorry if you are not on here :). Let me know if you think your name deserves to be on this page.

Thanks to:

My ally since the beginning, Kith-Kanin

Pestilence, Big-Chief, Hades, who all live in the same city as me, and provided all the competition I ever needed on TGN. I mean, provided me and Kith with players we could beat down continuously :). Just kidding.

The Shadow Council Server, especially, SC~Terror, Havok, Payback, SC~Shinta, SC~Drizzy, SC~Nostradomus, Super`Radish, Moreaulf, Jza, and SC~Krib.

Clan [24-7]...especially Pimster, Guan-Yu, and Watje.

Boneboy, Guanhwyvar, Low5, Rage, Aias, and any other teammates I've had.

~Orkinman, -BuzzBomb-, Longsword, {{Megatron}}, and 001* for actually having a good map selection.

Saber, Rusha, and Digital for hosting, and helping to get the original page setup.

Chains, Edgewize, Alva, Mr.Plow, Mutant, and Surge for being my new hosts and fellow staff members of warcraft.org.

@Can's (Buko, Quasar), DT's (Wlkr, Stlkr, Mongol, Wish, Wave), DI's (Azteca, KHB, Ash, Tarquinn), SOL's, ArchAngel, ~Mage;.~, Panda and Rev, Stormshadow, Valkrie, ~Navim~, TillerMan and INcinerate, $hield and $word and so many other players I've played against for so long, that I could never possibly remember them all.

Anyone else who has submitted maps, facts, strats, forum posts, and everything else that makes up this site today.


Blizzard Entertainment - The godliest game-making company out there, hands down.

Kali Inc. - Jay Cotton and company who provided us with a great place to play online.

Cases Ladder - 'Case', and his ladder which was the best ladder to play War2 competitively, in my opinion.

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